The Team

laurent jacquet streetart360

Laurent Jacquet (United Kingdom and France)

I founded  2 years ago. I discovered my love for streetart 7 years ago while I was walking in  the streets of Vitry-Sur-Seine, (a suburb near my Parisian home). It very quickly became a fantastic passion of mine. I am editor for Paris Tonkar magazine, street art curator and a social media and marketing consultant, now living in the United Kingdom (Edinburgh).
Chief Editor – StreetArt360


Noel Perez (France) 

For over 10 years I have been passionate by both model and streetart photography and therefore couldn’t miss the street art movement. I work as an engineer which allows me to travel around the world and has helped me discover urban art masterpieces in almost every city I visit.
I have a vision that today we have started to witness a phenomenal growing interest of this ephemeral art form, becoming more and more important and my pleasure remaining in taking my own personal pictures of these amazing works.
Contributor – StreetArt360


Jelena Popovic (Serbia)
Editor in Chief of Gastromag magazine, owner and editor of a food and travel website “Hrana Piće Priče” and owner of a pr agency. Co-partner of a project supporting Belgrade street art – Beogradski graffiti (Belgrade graffiti) and passionate graffiti hunter.
Contributor – StreetArt360

virginie fromentin

Virginie Fromentin (France) 

Originally from Normandy, after some studies at the University in « Communication and foreign languages », Virginie moves to Paris because she believes it’s the most exciting city in the world !
For 17 years, she works as a licensed tour guide in the most prestigious neighborhoods or museum of Paris as le Louvre, Orsay or Versailles …but she never deny to promote her very high interest in the alternative and sub-cultures that truly make it a unique city and she is happy to help you discover it !!
However, please be warned, Virginie is a confirmed lover of Paris and will be pleased to share her street art expertise in Paris with you !!
Contributor – StreetArt360

Karen Cardno

Karen Cardno (Scotland)
I have always had a keen interest in art but my love for Street Art was realised earlier this year when I volunteered during the Aberdeen NUART Festival which was held outside Stavanger for the first time.
Through the wide range of people I met during this festival, I have quickly realised that there is an exciting creative landscape right on my doorstep. During the day I am a market analyst for an oil and gas company, but then my passion for street art takes over. I have been a volunteer guide for the walking tours of the NUART work during the summer and through my involvement with this I have gained a wider knowledge of our local street artists.
NUART has also opened new opportunities and I am now volunteering as the development officer for a community street art project which will see me engage with artists and contributors across the creative spectrum.
Aberdeen is becoming a hive of activity within in the Street Art work. Local, national and international artists have been adding lots of colour, ideas and work over the last few months and I will share these with you.
Contributor – StreetArt360

alicia crumpton , streetart360 editor for USA

Alicia Crumpton (United States of America)
Streetart and graffiti are accessible contributors to our landscape, visual field, and sense of community.
As an explorer, I love going into a city with the intention of finding those places where people create.
I feel most alive on a city street taking in all the people, smells, architecture, and visual landscape.
My gravitation towards streetart and graffiti is in part due to my abiding sense that artists and writers moor us to our humanity by reflecting and interrogating daily life and existence.
So I explore, I document, I advocate for streetart and graffiti and artist and writers who create.
My home is Phoenix where I’m wildly passionate about our local artists and writers.
My work as a consultant, professor, and research coach provide a life of travel and support my street art and graffiti exploration.