Street Art Masterpiece by C215

C215 “An authentic committed street artist”

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Christian Guémy aka C215 is a French street artist based in Vitry-sur-Seine “The French Open sky museum”, situated in the nearby suburb of Paris. He has been described by the UK Press as the French alternative to Banksy. Beginning from the 20th of may 2017, C215 presents his new artworks for a solo show at [….]

JDL Street Art in Vitry-sur-Seine , painting Djamel portrait. Tribute to Paris Attacks 13 November

Vitry’N Urbaine Street Art Event – Spring 2017

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On April 22nd and 23 rd , Vitry’n Urbaine (main street art association in Vitry-sur-Seine) organized a spring street art event. On this occasion StreetArt360 has been honoured to invite two exceptional artists in Vitry-Sur-Seine as part of a first collaboration with Vitry’n Urbaine: Judith De Leeuw aka JDL Street Art (Netherlands) and Urbanimal (France). For two days [….]

JDL Street Art Famous Amy Winehouse Portrait

JDL Street Art, ZMOGK and 5919 – Vitry Sur Seine 22 and 23 April 2017

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A new Street Art event this weekend in Vitry sur Seine “Paris Open Sky Museum” . The association VITRY’N’URBAINE has invited  3 Artists: JDL Street Art from Netherlands, ZMOGK from Russia and 5919  . Through the painted walls of the city, the association VITRY’N’URBAINE dares to share the artwork with  the spectator and  proposes this meeting between an [….]

Andrew Wallas

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Andrew was born in Martinique Island  from an English father and a Martinican mother.  He currently lives between Amsterdam and Brussels. Andrew Wallas’s   first  passion was music and he became a self taught artist. Influenced by American culture from an early age, Andrew evolved with the Hip-Hop culture which brings together music, graffiti, dance and various [….]

BEBAR “Talented French Graffiti Artist”

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After my article about Vitry sur Seine (French Street Art capital City)  and its famous Street Artist C215, i would like you to discover a particularly creative and original graffiti artist from Vitry sur Seine: Bebar. Young Franco-Spanish artist, BEBAR starts graffiti at a very young age. At 16 years old he became a member of the [….]

Vitry-Sur-Seine «French Open Sky Museum»

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Vitry sur Seine, only a few kilometers from Paris, on the other side of Paris ring road “boulevard périphérique”, is a huge open-air museum for street artists of international renown. Vitry-sur-Seine is undoubtedly one of the strongholds of urban art and has become an artistic showcase for artists from all over the world. It is [….]

Event – Vernissage expo solo NEMI UHU – 3 octobre 2014

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Nemi Fish, NEMI UHU, Nemi est associé à son poisson fish, qu’il colle, qu’il peint, qu’il fixe partout où il traîne ses guêtres. NON, Nemi n’est pas uniquement celui qui fait des poissons sur des carreaux qu’il offre à la vue des passants ! C’est ce que vous découvrirez vendredi 3 octobre au Le Lavo//matik [….]

Artiste – Borondo

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“Borondo et ses fantômes” Borondo est un artiste Espagnol né en 1989, formé aux Beaux-Arts. D’abord à Madrid, puis à Rome. Borondo est un artiste unique et particulièrement original. Il s’éloigne radicalement  des codes traditionnels du street art en donnant vie à des  créatures fantomatiques et errantes qui s’intègrent parfaitement au lieu qu’il a choisi de peindre. Personnage [….]