Street Art Masterpiece by C215

C215 “An authentic committed street artist”

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Christian Guémy aka C215 is a French street artist based in Vitry-sur-Seine “The French Open sky museum”, situated in the nearby suburb of Paris. He has been described by the UK Press as the French alternative to Banksy. Beginning from the 20th of may 2017, C215 presents his new artworks for a solo show at [….]

David Walker work in progress Paris 13

” The distance between us is equal ” David Walker exhibition in Paris

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“The Distance Between Us Is Equal” David Walker From May 18, 2017 At Mathgoth Gallery  – 34, rue Hélène Brion 75013 Paris For his new solo show in Mathgoth gallery, Paris, David Walker presents a collection of portraits in large format. Within continuity of his previous artworks, this English street artist seeks to provide an [….]

Manyoly street art in Bordeaux

Interview with Manyoly

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Hello Marie-Lou where are you from ? I grow up in a small city of south of France, and now i’m based in Marseille ( when you grow close to the sea, you can’t be far of it ! ) Are you primarily an artist or do you have another job ? I started to work [….]

Aka Jimmy C - "Made in London" Exhibition in Paris

Exhibition in Paris « Made in London » with Alo, Jimmy C and Pahnl

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“Made in London” exhibition:  Le Cabinet d’Amateur, 12 rue de la Forge Royale 75011 Paris Opening on Thursday 11th of May 2017 (starting at 6 pm) Exhibition from Thursday 11th to Wednesday 24th May 2017 Le cabinet d’amateur has exhibited “Lille hors les murs”, “Lyon Hors les Murs” today the famous Parisian street art gallery [….]

street art by jef aerosol in paris

Street Art in PARIS “The Ultimate Guide”

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Welcome to Paris, “the city of lights” . This is the city  where i was born. We all know Louvre museum, Mona Lisa, the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de triomphe, the Champs Elysées … Where is Street Art in all this? Does Paris become like London, Berlin, New York, Barcelona or Bristol and its upfest [….]

Kashink “A female street artist with a mustache”

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A mustache drawn over the lips and long chestnut hair attached, is the atypical style of Kashink, a very creative and engaged Parisian graffiti artist. She’s by now one of the few very active female street artists in the graffiti and street art scene. Women are still a minority in the field of street art. [….]

Doudou’Style “A Ray of Sunshine”

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Jessy Monlouis-Bonnaire Aka Doudou’Style is a young French Street Artist, Painter and Illustrator. Born in Paris in 1984, she is an authentic self-taught artist. As a child, she opened her eyes, heart and soul to the beauty of art and finds her passion in Cartoons, Comics and Manga. A light Japanese influence fragrances her art [….]

URBANIMAL “A Committed Artist to Wildlife Preservation”

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Let me introduce you to my friend Urbanimal. I share this amazing  street Artist’s fight for endangered wildlife ! He “reintroduces” wild animals into the city to inform the “urban swagger” about the risks of extinction of many animal species on planet Earth . It is a life-size “bestiary”,  which appeared on the walls of several [….]

December 2016 – “Madame Moustache” Live performance in Paris

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MADAME live performance: Saturday, December 10th 2016 at the “MUR” 107, rue Oberkampf Paris “MADAME”, also known as “Madame Moustache” is a French street artist who works and reworks old documents, old photographs from the last century to 50’s and 60’s , to make new and contemporary images. These original visuals have the particularity of [….]