JDL Street Art in Vitry-sur-Seine , painting Djamel portrait. Tribute to Paris Attacks 13 November

Vitry’N Urbaine Street Art Event – Spring 2017

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On April 22nd and 23 rd , Vitry’n Urbaine (main street art association in Vitry-sur-Seine) organized a spring street art event. On this occasion StreetArt360 has been honoured to invite two exceptional artists in Vitry-Sur-Seine as part of a first collaboration with Vitry’n Urbaine: Judith De Leeuw aka JDL Street Art (Netherlands) and Urbanimal (France). For two days [….]

Portrait of cesaria evora by paulo araujo aka MX

Paulo Araujo – aka MX “Mister X”

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Last weekend, Mister X was one of the artists performing in Vitry sur Seine for Vitry’N Urbaine street art event. Who is this mysterious Mister X ? Who is this guy who painted a fantastic portrait of Cesaria Evora on a door in Vitry sur Seine? Who is this absolutely fantastic artist creating his first [….]