Manyoly street art in Bordeaux

Interview with Manyoly

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Hello Marie-Lou where are you from ? I grow up in a small city of south of France, and now i’m based in Marseille ( when you grow close to the sea, you can’t be far of it ! ) Are you primarily an artist or do you have another job ? I started to work [….]

Famous DJ carl Cox mural by Anopsy in Amsterdam

Interview with Anopsy

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Here’s my Interview with Anopsy.  A talented female street artist based in Netherlands. Hi Anopsy, can you tell us where you from ? I’m originally polish,from a small town Lubsko in west part of Poland. But I live for almost 12 years in the Netherlands. Anopsy is a tag name ? If yes can you [….]

Mural by Argentinian street artist animalitoland in Portugal

AnimalitoLand “Street artist from Argentina”

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AnimalitoLand was born in Buenos Aires in 1984 Graciela Goncalves Da Silva is an Argentinean artist, Animalitoland is her visual universe. Self-taught illustrator, Graphic Designer from Buenos Aires University, she spent the last 10 years experimenting different visual areas. Started with comics and fanzines, then worked in animation, videogames, toys and graphic design, blending different [….]

street art by taylor white in detroit 2016

Interview with the American Street Artist Taylor White

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Taylor White, is a fantastic American artist born in 1985.  She is recognized  for her unique  expressive fluidity,  delicate rendering and poetic artwork. Here’s my interview with Taylor: Hi Taylor, can you tell us where you from ?  I grew up in Raleigh, North Carolina, and I have my base of operations set up in both Raleigh [….]

Hulya “Pink Power”

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Yulia Vanifatieva aka Hulya is a  Russian female Street artist from Moscow. She was born in a Rybinsk in 1986. A small town on the Volga River. She began to draw, when she was 6. 2003-2008 she studied in the Ivanovo Textile Accademy. On the fashion design. But she wanted to be an artist. Also, she wouldn’t [….]

JDL street art “Black and White Beauty”

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This Wednesday is International Women’s Day, a day to celebrate being a 21st Century woman and to call for change in the working world,   Perfect day to post about a young female street artist you should know: JDL Street Art. JDL street art aka Judith De Leeuw is a young  female urban artist based [….]

Kashink “A female street artist with a mustache”

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A mustache drawn over the lips and long chestnut hair attached, is the atypical style of Kashink, a very creative and engaged Parisian graffiti artist. She’s by now one of the few very active female street artists in the graffiti and street art scene. Women are still a minority in the field of street art. [….]

20 Female Street Artist you should know

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Street Art is still a boys’ club ? Absolutely not ! There are loads of talented street artists around the world who are women … and the aliases they use don’t always speak to their gender. Here’s 20 female artists with incredible talent who are breaking the stereotype! Christina Angelina, Vinie Graffiti, Julia Volchkova, Faith 47, Jamin Aka Hera [….]

Doudou’Style “A Ray of Sunshine”

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Jessy Monlouis-Bonnaire Aka Doudou’Style is a young French Street Artist, Painter and Illustrator. Born in Paris in 1984, she is an authentic self-taught artist. As a child, she opened her eyes, heart and soul to the beauty of art and finds her passion in Cartoons, Comics and Manga. A light Japanese influence fragrances her art [….]

Liliwenn “From the fringes of the Atlantic Ocean”

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Today let me introduce you a French street artist  I particularly appreciate: Liliwenn. A French Street Artist from Brest (An important city in Brtitanny,  on the French west coast) To define her, just one word: paradox ! Her art is only contrasts and contraries. An artistic expression at once melancholic and utopian, turbulent and serene. In [….]