doll or girl face painted by Kas Art

Interview with Kas Art

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here’s my interview with kas, a great portugese street artist. Kas now lives and works in Brussels, Belgium. Hi Kas, can you tell us where you’re from ? I am from Porto the second bigest city in Portugal. where does your street artist name come from ? My artist name comes from a place called [….]

David Zinn “Dream Chalk Creatures”

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Here i think is one of the most poetic and sensitive artist’s  the Street Art scene has ever had!  David Zinn is a self-taught artist living in Ann Arbor, Michigan. David  has been drawing on walkways for many years, using chalk and anamorphic bending to bring his imaginary and poetic little friends alive into the [….]

Artiste – Peeta

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Peeta, le maître du Graffiti 3D.  Un artiste à découvrir absolument ! Manuel Di Rita, alias Peeta réalise ses premières ouvres en 1993. Il vit actuellement à Venise . Il est membre du “Crew” EAD ( Padoue , Italie ) , et des “crews” FX et RWK (New York) Son travail explore le potentiel de la [….]