Calendars 2020

Streetart360 calendars selection. Make Your Year the Way You Want It and Mark Every Moment with a 2020 street art Photos Calendar. Banksy, Shepard Fairey, David Zinn … 


Shepard Fairey 2020 wall Calendar

To call Shepard Fairey a “street artist” is a little deceptive. Although he rose out of the skateboarding scene creating his “Andre The Giant Has A Posse” sticker campaign in the late ’80s, he has achieved a mainstream recognition that most street artists never find. If you’ve seen the Obama Hope poster or the OBEY logo, then you know artist/activist Shepard Fairey. Click Photo for more information

Banksy’s Graffiti 2020 12 x 12 Inch Monthly Square Wall Calendar, Graffiti Art Design

Fans of urban graffiti and street art will surely enjoy this wall calendar. Marvel in the collection of artworks and photographs of Banksy, the world’s most famous graffiti artist. Keep track of important dates, holidays, and appointments with a fashionable flair! Click Photo for more information


Banksy’s Graffiti 2020 Mini Wall Calendar

A well-known, yet Pseudo-anonymous English graffiti artist, political activist, film maker and painter. His art combines dark humour with a distinctive stencilling technique. His artworks, often satirical pieces of art which encompass topics from politics, culture, and ethics, have appeared in London and cities around the world. Organise your year in style with this new Banksy Mini Wall Calendar, featuring plenty of planning space for all of your appointments. Click Photo for more information

Street Art by David Zinn 2020 Calendar

David Zinn is a famous urban artist living in Ann Arbor, Michigan. His small-scale fanciful creatures, often including a stalk-eyed green monster and a flying pig, are generally improvised on the street using chalk, charcoal and found objects. Click Photo for more information 

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