street art and graffiti in south africa

25 South African Street Artists not to be missed

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South Africa, A country full of colour and diversity, also home to some amazing street and Graffiti artists. Often neglected and forgotten in the World of street art, South Africa has a wide variety, forming many styles of art from the dangerous street side of illegal graffiti through to the large scale murals adorning the [….]

Mister copy mural artwork in scotland dundee

Street Art in Dundee, Scotland

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For our first 2 walls in Dundee, Scotland we invited 2 very talented artists. Paco Graff a French Graffiti artist based in Dundee and Mister Copy a South African street artist currently living in Paris.

Street art collaboration between My Dog Sighs and Curtis Hylton in Bristol, UK

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I’m super excited to reveal this collaboration between My Dog Sighs and Curtis Hylton for this year’s Upfest summer edition. Location – Windmill hill Bristol. Duration – 5 days More information about: My Dog Sighs – Curtis Hylton  Photo Gallery:   

Street Art Best Of – April 2019

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My top selection of street artworks created in the last four weeks. It’s obviously a small sample and there are lots more fantastic works that have been painted. Feel free to comment and share your favorites   with us.   Peeta Adelaide, Australia. New mural by Peeta for Wonderwalls Port Adelaide Discover Peeta artworks  Mars Ashkelon, [….]

amazing and poetic mural by german duo Herakut for Nuart Aberdeen


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Created in 2017, NUART Aberdeen is back for the third year running. Nuart is an international street art festival created to present the most interesting and relevant Urban Art of our time.