Banksy unveils Christmas crib in Bethlehem

Banksy unveils Christmas crib in Bethlehem. This year once again the famous British street artist Banksy offers us highly symbolic artworks for the Christmas celebrations. After a splendid and highly poetic artwork in Birmingham dedicated to the homeless and the forgotten people of our society Banksy has just unveiled a Christmas crib in the hotel…

Interview with Russian urban artist Evgeny Muluk

I published an article a few days ago about the Russian Street Art and Graffiti scene. One of the artists listed in “30 Russian street artists …” caught my attention. I loved his abstract vision of graffiti and urban art. His name is Evgeny Muluk and he kindly agreed to answer a few questions.  …

SMUG “the Australian Genius”

I’m starting a series of articles about the best urban artists on the international scene. For this first post I chose to talk about Smug also known as SmugOne. Why start with Smug? I live in Scotland and SmugOne lives in Glasgow and because he’s definitely one of my favourite urban artists. I admire both…

Find a wall to paint with Wallspot

A few days ago I discovered a concept that I really like. All artists are looking for walls to paint and it’s often not easy to find one. Especially if you want to paint in a city or country you don’t know. So if you’re a street artist or a graffiti artist and you’re looking for a wall to paint you might be interested in Wallspot.

30 Russian street artists not to be missed

I discovered the Russian street art scene a few years ago, when some murals by P183 were becoming popular on social network sites More recently I met Zmogk in Vitry sur Seine while he was busy painting an amazing mural for a small urban art event. I have also had the pleasure of interviewing both…

Street Art Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas is only a couple of weeks away, and everyone is looking for last minute ideas to please family members and friends. We thought we would therefore help with a few street art and Graffiti based ideas. We’ve selected some ideas that you can directly purchase here by clicking on the product pictures or links….

Street Art Best Of – November 2019 

Every month we select some of the best new urban artworks for you – including some street art masterpieces.  They’ve been created over the last few weeks by artists in cities throughout the world including Paris, New York, London, Taiwan, Casablanca and Cancun. We have a mixture of new talent and old names this month….