Banksy unveils Christmas crib in Bethlehem

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Banksy unveils Christmas crib in Bethlehem. This year once again the famous British street artist Banksy offers us highly symbolic artworks for the Christmas celebrations. After a splendid and highly poetic artwork in Birmingham dedicated to the homeless and the forgotten people of our society Banksy has just unveiled a Christmas crib in the hotel [….]

Evgeny Muluk street artist from Russia

Interview with Russian urban artist Evgeny Muluk

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I published an article a few days ago about the Russian Street Art and Graffiti scene. One of the artists listed in “30 Russian street artists …” caught my attention. I loved his abstract vision of graffiti and urban art. His name is Evgeny Muluk and he kindly agreed to answer a few questions.   [….]

Nikita Nomerz mural

Interview with Nikita Nomerz

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A few years ago I saw an incredible artwork by a Russian artist named Nikita Nomerz on social media. I was completely struck by this creative, crazy building which had been destroyed and recreated by an artist I’d never heard of . Last week I published an article about street art in Russia and I [….]

c215 is one of the most prominent urban artist in Europe.

C215 aka Christian Guemy Stencil Art

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Here is my second article about street art and graffiti legends. I’m taking advantage of the upcoming release of the book “C215 – Christian Guemy stencil art” to write an article about an artist I particularly like.

portrait of man with a cap painted by australian street artist Smug

SMUG “the Australian Genius”

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I’m starting a series of articles about the best urban artists on the international scene. For this first post I chose to talk about Smug also known as SmugOne. Why start with Smug? I live in Scotland and SmugOne lives in Glasgow and because he’s definitely one of my favourite urban artists. I admire both [….]

street art and graffiti walls with wallspot app and website

Find a wall to paint with Wallspot

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A few days ago I discovered a concept that I really like. All artists are looking for walls to paint and it’s often not easy to find one. Especially if you want to paint in a city or country you don’t know. So if you’re a street artist or a graffiti artist and you’re looking for a wall to paint you might be interested in Wallspot.