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Whether you are truly passionate about urban art or quite simply curious to discover this fashionable art form , it is often not easy to find the information required to discover this wonderful art form.

Many of us (me included) have searched the Internet for information about which cities are of most interest to see the best artworks, or perhaps searched google for maps that will help find us urban art hotspots….who has not sought out information on resident artists in cities such as Bristol, Paris, London, Berlin, Vitry sur Seine, … who has not searched for organized street art tours … and were disappointed at the lack of information they came across! ?

For this reason, we have decided to try and simplify this by publishing regular up to date comprehensive street art and graffiti guides. These guides will be of the main cities recognised as urban art hotspots in Europe and around the world. They will include interactive maps, walking routes to take and popular local venues for refreshments and food as you discover the cities art on the streets. We will supply you with the names of the main associations and companies offering guided tours, books that may interest you, useful videos and links, local artists to discover, and of course pictures of the art itself to be discovered.
We hope you will find these guides a great help. Feel free to share them with family and friends throughout social media platforms as they will be updated regularly so as the information is always current. We hope you will find these guides beneficial and a great tool in discovering urban artwork.

StreetArt360 Street Art and Graffiti City Guides:

Paris Street Art GuideBRISTOL Street Art Guide and MapVitry-Sur-Seine Street Art Guide

Paris Street Art Guide and Map
Bristol Street Art Guide and Map

Vitry-Sur-Seine Street Art Guide and Map

Glasgow street art guide and interactive map


Soon : Aberdeen Street Art Guide and Map – Glasgow Street Art Guide and Map – London Shoreditch Street Art Guide and Map – Birmingham Street Art Guide and Map … Subscribe to StreetArt360 for updates.