Nils Westergard famous street art mural

Interview with Nils Westergard

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Nils Westergard is a very talented street artist and film maker. His murals and stencilled artworks can be found all around the world. He kindly accepted to answer few questions to streetart360 . Here’s his interview.

Evgeny Muluk street artist from Russia

Interview with Russian urban artist Evgeny Muluk

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I published an article a few days ago about the Russian Street Art and Graffiti scene. One of the artists listed in “30 Russian street artists …” caught my attention. I loved his abstract vision of graffiti and urban art. His name is Evgeny Muluk and he kindly agreed to answer a few questions.   [….]

Nikita Nomerz mural

Interview with Nikita Nomerz

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A few years ago I saw an incredible artwork by a Russian artist named Nikita Nomerz on social media. I was completely struck by this creative, crazy building which had been destroyed and recreated by an artist I’d never heard of . Last week I published an article about street art in Russia and I [….]

artwork by Gerada

Interview with Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada

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Jorge Rodríguez-Gerada is a Cuban-American Contemporary Artist who predominantly creates his work in urban spaces on a large scale.  I was delighted to interview him recently as i am a long standing fan of his. Hi Jorge. Where are you from? I was born in Santa Clara Cuba but was raised in the US. I [….]

A sign on the side of a road Description automatically generated

Interview with NeSpoon, a very talented Polish Artist

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A few weeks ago I was writing two articles about the Polish Urban art scene and by chance i discover an amazing artwork by a young Polish artist called NeSpoon. I immediately wanted to know more about her and her art. Very few artists stop you in your tracks when you discover their work. Her [….]

A picture containing sky, building Description automatically generated

Interview with NIMI

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Hi NIMI, great to meet you. Where are you from? You’re now living in Bergen (Norway), can you tell us a bit more about that? Hi Laurent, wonderful to hear from you. I’m originally from Johannesburg, SA. My family are South African Indians, who lived all over the Southern region, so I travelled a lot [….]

amazing mural by strok aka Anders Gjennestad for nuart fest 2019 in Aberdeen scotland

Interview with STRØK aka Anders Gjennestad

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Hi Anders, great to meet you. You were in Aberdeen for a few days recently, i take this opportunity to ask you a few questions. Where are you from? I grew up in Arendal, a city on the coast of Southeastern Norway. Nowadays, my studio is in Berlin, where I have been living since 2011. [….]