tapia exhibition in Barcelona


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The Tapia collective exhibition. On November 16, B-Murals inaugurated TÀPIA, a collective exhibition of 24 urban artists referring to neo-muralism and the most ground-breaking and contemporary figurativism. Commissioned by Axel Void, this meeting has brought together a group of artists who, focusing on motifs such as everyday life and the irony resulting from the human [….]

Pichiavo in Barcelona

PICHIAVO first mural in Barcelona

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PICHIAVO realised their first mural intervention in Barcelona this summer, in the student residence Livensa Living Barcelona. This project from Temprano Capital Partners was curated by Rebobinart. For the first part of the project, in June, the artists intervened the 25m² high facade painting the Greek goddess Athena, a symbol for women empowerment, knowledge and [….]


interview with MuralesLian

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New Talent: MuralesLian in Barcelona   Where are you originally from? I was born in the USA but, as a teenage girl I was disgusted by North American culture and binary gender divides, I upped sticks and ended up in Barcelona, Catalonia. I lived there for almost two decades. I think who I am formed [….]

Street art in spain by SAKE . Female portrait

Interview with Spanish Street Artist SAKE

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Hello Sake, great to meet you. Where are you from? I was born and settled in Cordoba, Andalucia, southern Spain, although I have been living in Granada for a few years How and when did you discover art and create your first artwork? My first contact with graffiti was at the end of 2003, although [….]

Street art wall by Acid collapse

Spanish Street Artist Acid Collapse “Tretze” has died.

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Tretze, Acid Collapse. This bright young street artist from Barcelona was without doubt one of the most creative and talented people of his generation. I feel lucky to have not only had the pleasure of watching him paint but also to count this truly amazing person as a friend. RIP Tretze. Your influence and spirit [….]

Asier mural dancer

Interview with Asier “An artist from the Basque country”

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I discovered Asier at Street Art City and when i first saw his artwork, i immediately liked it. Afterwards, I established contact with him and met him in a Northern Spanish city named La Baneza during the festival Aero Rap. I, unfortunately, wasn’t able to see his finished mural at this period but have since discovered some [….]

street art masterpiece by Belin

Belin “when cubism and surrealism converge in urban art”

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I was so very happy to have the opportunity to meet and interview the fantastic street artist, Miguel Ángel Belinchón Bujes aka Belin, who I must confess is one of my favourite street artists at present! From Spain, Belin is extremely creative and original in his artwork. Belin is renowned for several years within the [….]