Rabbit by Bordalo II street artist from portugal

Discover Portugal’s most talented Street Artists

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Urban art, through graffiti, murals and other stencil artworks, has left its mark on the streets of the cities of Portugal. Whether it is in protest or purely aesthetic, each art piece tells a story. Street art in Lisbon, best global spot? Elected by the English newspaper The Guardian, as the best city of street [….]

doll or girl face painted by Kas Art

Interview with Kas Art

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here’s my interview with kas, a great portugese street artist. Kas now lives and works in Brussels, Belgium. Hi Kas, can you tell us where you’re from ? I am from Porto the second bigest city in Portugal. where does your street artist name come from ? My artist name comes from a place called [….]

Bordalo II : An artist turns trash into street art masterpieces

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In the hands of a talented, committed and determined man, street art can be a formidable weapon. To convince you, see for example the work of Bordalo II. For years, this Portuguese street artist has been busy collecting mountains of waste to assemble them and give birth to monumental sculptures! Bordalo II never ceases to alert [….]