Bosolleti mural in Italy - Pietas

Francisco Bosolleti new artwork in Italy “PIETAS”

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A new street art masterpiece has been painted in Italy. The Argentine urban artist Francisco Bosoletti, as part of the BAGOUT2019 review, created the work “Pietas”

MrFijodor talented street artist from italy

Mrfijodor, aka Fijodor Benzo

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I would like to introduce you to a very talented artist you really need to know about. His name is Fijodor Benzo and he’s from Italy. Below is a little bit of information about him, some photos of his artworks and also links if you want to discover more. Enjoy! MrFijodor has always had a [….]

My Dog Sighs - Forgotten Project in Rome - Photo Stefano Corso

My Dog Sighs, for the first time in Rome with Forgotten Project

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The Street Artist My Dog Sighs, for the first time in Rome with  Forgotten Project   The Nuovo Regina Margherita will be the location of the first intervention of the urban art project born to reclaim the value of urban heritage. The second edition of Forgotten Project in Rome is starting. We will open the [….]

Millo - Luzhi wall

Interview with Millo. Famous Italian street artist

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Interview with Millo – Street art in Italy Is there a story behind Millo ? Millo comes from Camillo my second name, and the name of my grandfather. I was born in Mesagne, a little town quite far away from the big cities in the southern part of Italy. There I spent the afternoons of [….]

Cheone - Italian street artist

20 Italian Street Artists you absolutely need to know about

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Italian Street Artists you absolutely need to know about Street Art in Italy – Italian Street artists and graffiti artists – selected by StreetArt360. Historically Italy is one of the richest sources of world class art. Michelangelo, Botticelli, Leonardo Da Vinci, Veronese, Raphael…the list goes on. This enviable heritage continues to inspire younger generations. Italy [….]

Cheone “When street art overflows the walls”

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COSIMO CAIFFA aka “CHEONE” was born in 1979, in Gallipoli a southern Italian town in the province of Lecce, in Apulia. Today he lives and works in Nerviano in the northwestern part of the Metropolitan City of Milan. His passion for art began as a child and his interest developed through drawing animals and cartoon [….]

Artiste – Peeta

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Peeta, le maître du Graffiti 3D.  Un artiste à découvrir absolument ! Manuel Di Rita, alias Peeta réalise ses premières ouvres en 1993. Il vit actuellement à Venise . Il est membre du “Crew” EAD ( Padoue , Italie ) , et des “crews” FX et RWK (New York) Son travail explore le potentiel de la [….]