Mr Mong graffiti and street artist in Belgium

Mr. Mong is an all around artist from Belgium, not a Chinese businessman

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When you ask Simon aka Mr Mong who he is? He replies with a lot of humor: “Mr. Mong is an all around street artist and graffiti artist from Belgium, not a Chinese businessman”. Discover his artworks, street art murals, paintings …

Ghent Street Art Guide and Map

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Ghent Street Art and Graffiti tourist guide. Includes an Interactive street art Map, mural locations, creative hubs, underground urban bars, restaurants and shops in the city of Gent Belgium

Scarcrow wallpainting by Klaas Van der Linden in Ghent Belgium

Klaas Van der Linden “talented street artist based in Ghent”

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During my trip to Flanders, dedicated to Street Art and Graffiti , I met Klaas Van Der Linden in Ghent. It was a great pleasure to meet this talented artist, and i’m pleased to present you his artworks and also let you know  more about this artist and his upcoming projects … Klaas Van der [….]

SMOK in Edegem

SMOK interview in Antwerp

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Today i had the pleasure to meet the Flemish street artist  SMOK painting a new mural in Antwerp. I had the opportunity to interview him for StreetArt360 Readers. Hi Bart It’s a great pleasure to meet you today, first i would like to know where you are from? I’m from Antwerp, Belgium. One of the [….]

Dzia street artist from Antwerp paint a cat on a wall

Dzia Street Artist from Antwerp “Animals on the wall”

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Dzia is a Belgian Flanders street artist from Antwerp and something of an enigma. Not much is known about this artist and he strongly keeps a mystery on who he is. However, one thing is clear, he is an extremely talented artist in every sense! His original artistic creations catch immediately the attention of passers-by. [….]

Smates famous dog in Flanders photo by Gijs Vanhee

Interview with Smates “Talented Street Artist from Flanders”

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Hi Bart, great to meet you . I’m really pleased you’ve accepted this interview for StreetArt360. I’m in Flanders for a few days, invited by Visit Ghent and Visit Antwerp for a Press Urban Art Trip in Belgium Flanders. I’m a great fan of your art, I know you’re Flemmish and living in Mechelen (Between [….]

Street artist from Ghent - Flanders - Belgium. Roa street art masterpiece "Bird"

ROA “Lifesize Animal Murals”

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As this week is devoted to Street art in Flanders, It is absolutely essential to dedicate an article to ROA. ROA is a Belgium Street Artist from Ghent and probably one of the most famous urban artist’s in the world. Whether on social networks or on a wall, it is likely we have all seen [….]

Street artists from Belgium Flanders . Roa mural

Flanders Street Artists you absolutely need to know

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Tomorrow Wednesday 20th of September 2017 i’am attending the opening of the Urban Art Press trip in Flanders. To start this occasion i’m presenting to StreetArt360 readers a selection of best street artists and graffiti artists from Flanders. Special thanks to Visit Antwerpen , Visit Gent,  Visit Flanders. Follow us on social networks with:  #visitantwerp [….]