street art in saudi arabia by Kla5

Street Art best of December 2019

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We’ve selected what we think are the most interesting and creative street art murals realised worldwide in December 2019. From Paris to Miami, discover artworks by: El Bocho, Case Maclaim, Millo, Eric Skotnes, Fintan Magee, …

street art, graffiti and contemporary art in Russia

30 Russian street artists not to be missed

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I discovered the Russian street art scene a few years ago, when some murals by P183 were becoming popular on social network sites More recently I met Zmogk in Vitry sur Seine while he was busy painting an amazing mural for a small urban art event. I have also had the pleasure of interviewing both [….]

Saype art

Street Art Best Of – November 2019 

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Every month we select some of the best new urban artworks for you – including some street art masterpieces.  They’ve been created over the last few weeks by artists in cities throughout the world including Paris, New York, London, Taiwan, Casablanca and Cancun. We have a mixture of new talent and old names this month. [….]

Argentina, 20 Street Artists not to be missed

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Argentina has got a very important community of street artists and graffiti artists. Many are internationally renowned like Martin Ron, Milu Correch, Ever and Jaz. Buenos Aires, the capital city, attracts both local and international street artists due to it’s abundance of abandoned buildings and grey walls. There are nearly no restrictions on where artists [….]

street art and graffiti in south africa

25 South African Street Artists not to be missed

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South Africa, A country full of colour and diversity, also home to some amazing street and Graffiti artists. Often neglected and forgotten in the World of street art, South Africa has a wide variety, forming many styles of art from the dangerous street side of illegal graffiti through to the large scale murals adorning the [….]

Street Art Best Of – April 2019

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My top selection of street artworks created in the last four weeks. It’s obviously a small sample and there are lots more fantastic works that have been painted. Feel free to comment and share your favorites   with us.   Peeta Adelaide, Australia. New mural by Peeta for Wonderwalls Port Adelaide Discover Peeta artworks  Mars Ashkelon, [….]

new mural by Sipros

Street Art Best of March 2018

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Street Art Best of March 2018 Here’s our selection of very new street art and graffiti murals. This month, urban art masterpieces painted in Argentina, USA, France, Mexico, Brazil, Spain, Italy, Chile, Indonesia, etc … Enjoy! Mister Woodland “INNER STRUGGLE” in Erding, Germany Urban Artist & Graphic Designer – based in Munich – Germany Useful Links: [….]

Carlos Callizo tribute to "Picasso"

Street Art Best Of February 2018

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Street Art Best Of February 2018 As Every month here’s StreetArt360 Best of Street Art. All these street art and graffiti artworks were realised in the last few weeks. It has been very difficult to make a selection. Indeed so many artworks created during the last weeks are pure masterpieces. I know that this selection [….]