Street Art Best Of – April 2019

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My top selection of street artworks created in the last four weeks. It’s obviously a small sample and there are lots more fantastic works that have been painted. Feel free to comment and share your favorites   with us.   Peeta Adelaide, Australia. New mural by Peeta for Wonderwalls Port Adelaide Discover Peeta artworks  Mars Ashkelon, [….]

new mural by Sipros

Street Art Best of March 2018

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Street Art Best of March 2018 Here’s our selection of very new street art and graffiti murals. This month, urban art masterpieces painted in Argentina, USA, France, Mexico, Brazil, Spain, Italy, Chile, Indonesia, etc … Enjoy! Mister Woodland “INNER STRUGGLE” in Erding, Germany Urban Artist & Graphic Designer – based in Munich – Germany Useful Links: [….]

Carlos Callizo tribute to "Picasso"

Street Art Best Of February 2018

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Street Art Best Of February 2018 As Every month here’s StreetArt360 Best of Street Art. All these street art and graffiti artworks were realised in the last few weeks. It has been very difficult to make a selection. Indeed so many artworks created during the last weeks are pure masterpieces. I know that this selection [….]

New mural by Caiozzama

Street Art Best Of January 2018

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Here’s our selection of very new street art and urban art masterpieces for January 2018. This month: Adnate, Kali, Seth Globepainter, Nautil, Hifione, Milu Correch, Julieta XLF, Bifido, Mantra, Ernesto Maranje, Ou35, Cosmo Sarson, JR Art, Fin Dac, Hopare, Jeremiah, Wasp Elder, Helen Bur, Alexis Diaz, Mariela Ajras, Rojo, Rone, SNIK, Banksy, Caiozzama, Ospen Ink [….]

new street art masterpiece by Sasha Korban

Street Art Best of December 2017

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Here’s our selection of street art and urban art masterpieces for december 2017. This month artworks by Bordalo II, Sasha Korban, Casey Kawaguchi, Wild Drawing, Bikismo, Faith 47, Salla Ikonen, Fanakapan, Dourone, Jorge Pina, Adry del Rocio, Peeta, Zed1, Arlin, SmugOne, Fin Dac, ROA, Adnate, Otto Schade aka OSH, Drew Merritt, Fintan Magee, Louis Masai [….]

Gomez in Spain

Street Art Best Of – October 2017

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Here is our selection of new street art and graffiti artworks for October 2017. Once again we have discovered street art wonders all around the world. Some of these artworks are for sure real masterpieces. Feel free to comment this Street Art Best of and share your opinions and remarks. Our choice is unfortunately still [….]

Freddy by Gnasher

Halloween Street Art and Graffiti

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It’s Halloween! The time for all things scary! Vampires, werewolves, witches, ghosts, skeletons, zombies, Frankenstein, Dracula, …  are walking our towns and cities. Carved pumpkins will appear everywhere, kids knocking on doors calling “trick or treat”. Many of us will organise or take part in costume parties, … Tonight will see lots of scares and [….]

stamatis Laskos cat in Greece

Cats in Street Art and Graffiti

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Many artists seem to be fascinated by cats, finding them inspirational, cats have been prominent in many artworks both past and still now in current day. An artistic free spirit and these distinct felines have had a long history in common, especially in painting. Since ancient Egypt, where they were considered as gods, cats were [….]

Street Art Best Of – September 2017

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Hi everybody. It’s the 1st of October, the day to publish our Street Art and Graffiti best of for September 2017. In September they were a lot of art fests and street art events all around the world. Many artists offered us street art masterpieces. As i have already mentioned, it’s very difficult to create [….]

Street artists from Belgium Flanders . Roa mural

Flanders Street Artists you absolutely need to know

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Tomorrow Wednesday 20th of September 2017 i’am attending the opening of the Urban Art Press trip in Flanders. To start this occasion i’m presenting to StreetArt360 readers a selection of best street artists and graffiti artists from Flanders. Special thanks to Visit Antwerpen , Visit Gent,  Visit Flanders. Follow us on social networks with:  #visitantwerp [….]