PEETA 3D graffiti Agropoli

PEETA the 3D Graffiti Master

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Interview with PEETA “The 3D Graffiti Master” Hi PEETA. It’s a great pleasure to meet you. Is there a story behind PEETA? It just come from a nickname I had in school which was Pita and then I’ve turned it into Peeta just to make it more appealing from the graphic point of view. Where [….]

Interview with New York graffiti legend DAZE

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Hi Daze it’s such a pleasure and such an honor to interview you for streetart360 . Much appreciated you taking the time for answering. Can you tell us why did you choose DAZE as your artist name? I chose my name based on the letters that I could do best at the time. I went [….]

Paco Graff Arctic expedition

Interview with Paco Graff – Graffiti artist in Scotland

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Interview with Paco Graff, Graffiti artist based in Dundee – Scotland. I met Paco Graff in Dundee (Scotland), where he kindly answered a few questions for StreetArt360.  Hi Paco, great to see you, where are you from? I’m from Narbonne in Occitanie (South of France) Where are you currently based? I’m living in Dundee. An [….]

new book by corin nemec: Venice high

Venice High a novel by Corin Nemec. A must read!

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Must Read Book: Venice High by Corin Nemec – Publisher: From Los Angeles Street Gang Member and Graffiti Artist to Beloved Actor, Venice High is a novel based on Corin Nemec’s life pursuing graffiti and street art, not for fame or fortune, but to leave a piece of himself behind. You probably recognize Corin [….]

Swed Oner Art

Interview with Swed Oner “Talented French Street Art and Graffiti artist”

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Hi Swed, great to meet you. Swed Oner is your artist name? Can you tell us a bit more why you’ve chosen this name? Hi Laurent. My name is Swed Oner, I am 32 years old, my artist name comes from my past, having been a big weed smoker… I chose my artist name one [….]

cat mural by RogueOne

Cats in Street Art and Graffiti

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Many artists seem to be fascinated by cats, finding them inspirational, cats have been prominent in many artworks both past and still now in current day. An artistic free spirit and these distinct felines have had a long history in common, especially in painting. Since ancient Egypt, where they were considered as gods, cats were [….]

Street Art Best Of – September 2017

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Hi everybody. It’s the 1st of October, the day to publish our Street Art and Graffiti best of for September 2017. In September they were a lot of art fests and street art events all around the world. Many artists offered us street art masterpieces. As i have already mentioned, it’s very difficult to create [….]

Ghent Street Art Guide and Map

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Ghent Street Art and Graffiti tourist guide. Includes an Interactive street art Map, mural locations, creative hubs, underground urban bars, restaurants and shops in the city of Gent Belgium