Argentina, 20 Street Artists not to be missed

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Argentina has got a very important community of street artists and graffiti artists. Many are internationally renowned like Martin Ron, Milu Correch, Ever and Jaz. Buenos Aires, the capital city, attracts both local and international street artists due to it’s abundance of abandoned buildings and grey walls. There are nearly no restrictions on where artists [….]

Martin Ron Proyecto Casa Amarilla

Martin Ron new mural in Buenos Aires

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Martin Ron new mural in Buenos Aires: “Proyecto Casa Amarilla” (Yellow House Project) Casa Amarilla Project is a huge project in the most famous neighborhood of Buenos Aires LA BOCA. This place is chosen by tourists for being the most emblematic suburb that represents Tango, Football and The Arts. It is a very popular and [….]

Caro Pepe Street Art

Interview with Caro Pepe – Street Artist from Argentina

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Hi Caro, it’s a pleasure to meet you. Where are you from ? I was born in Corrientes, Argentina. Where are you based now? Nowadays, I’m based in Berlin. Are you primalary an artist or do you have another job ? I don’t have any other job, I’m a full time artist. How did it [….]

Mural by Argentinian street artist animalitoland in Portugal

AnimalitoLand “Street artist from Argentina”

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AnimalitoLand was born in Buenos Aires in 1984 Graciela Goncalves Da Silva is an Argentinean artist, Animalitoland is her visual universe. Self-taught illustrator, Graphic Designer from Buenos Aires University, she spent the last 10 years experimenting different visual areas. Started with comics and fanzines, then worked in animation, videogames, toys and graphic design, blending different [….]