Bordalo II beaver in Paris 13

New street art masterpiece in Paris 13th district “the Beaver” by Bordalo II

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The famous artist Bordalo II has just completed an imposing 3D artwork in the 13th district of Paris made from waste to highlight to the public the problem of pollution . The beaver is not anymore a legend or a fairy tale, Yes, yes, there are beavers in Paris! Or rather one beaver, who lives [….]

Lab Rat by Bordalo II in Paris - May 2017

Interview: “Bordalo II in Paris”

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Few days ago Artur Bordalo aka Bordalo Segundo was in Paris. This fantastic street artist from Portugal create a new artwork at MUR Oberkampf, the historical heart of Paris Street Art.  Here’s my interview with Bordalo II. Hi Artur, where you from? I’m from Lisbon, Portugal Bordalo II is your artist name . Why II [….]

Bordalo II : An artist turns trash into street art masterpieces

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In the hands of a talented, committed and determined man, street art can be a formidable weapon. To convince you, see for example the work of Bordalo II. For years, this Portuguese street artist has been busy collecting mountains of waste to assemble them and give birth to monumental sculptures! Bordalo II never ceases to alert [….]