Banksy Hanging Man in Bristol

Banksy Iconic ‘Well Hung Lover’ defaced

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Vandals in Bristol have defaced one of Banksy’s most famous artworks. The artwork situated in Bristol’s Park Street is one of Banksy’s oldest murals, created in 2006. The vandals defaced the picture and wrote ‘F*** Banksy’ beneath. The damage was first spotted on Saturday afternoon. This is not the first time this classic Banksy has been [….]

Banksy new artwork in Hull

New Banksy Artwork in Hull: Vandalism? Really?!

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Banksy completed his latest artwork on a disused bridge in Hull on Thursday.  While most residents are exited and proud that their city`s walls were chosen, there seems to be less enthusiasm from the council, with some calling for the new mural to be removed. Hull Councillor John Abbott  said that Banksy’s work did not [….]

BANKSY Print Release Lottery

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BANKSY Print Release Lottery – Banksy is finally releasing a print via a lottery on the Pictures On Walls website . Banksy “Sale Ends” £500 Originally produced for the Barely Legal show in 2006 this print was substantially re-worked by the artist and then left on a shelf. POW have the full edition of 500 [….]

New Banksy artwork in Folkestone ?

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Yesterday a strange and mysterious artwork suddenly popped up outside New Look’s store  in Bouverie Place in Folkestone (United Kingdom), imitating one of Banksy’s most  famous pieces called  “Art Buff”. For the anecdote Banksy’s  “Art Buff”  appeared in Folkestone 3  years ago. Sadly this artwork that appeared on the side of Palace Amusements arcade in Payers [….]

Banksy offers Bristol electorate free print if they vote against Conservative candidate!

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Today,  saturday 3rd June Banksy posted an incredible offer on his website!  An exclusive new Banksy print will be released on the 9th June. Banksy has offered voters a free limited edition print if they vote for anyone other than the Conservatives Banksy made the offer to registered voters in the Bristol North West, Bristol [….]