10 Books about street art you must read!

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Here’s a selection of books about street art and graffiti you absolutely need to read. World Atlas of Street Art and Graffiti by Rafael Schacter and John Fekner From Steve Powers (Espo) in New York to Kid Zoom in Australia, taking in Banksy’s London, Paris as transfigured by Honet and OX, and the murals of [….]

History of Street Art

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Introduction The art history seems to be unique flourish from one style to another. When it comes to their beginnings, one is often taken aback and start to reflect on the artwork. Street artwork began to experience tremendous evolution into interdisciplinary forms of various artistic expressions. One can’t fail to appreciate the graffiti, stencil, murals, [….]

street art castle in scotland

The Graffiti Castle

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Perhaps, the last thing you may think of when imagining a 13th century castle is loud and colourful graffiti… However, that’s exactly what Kelburn Castle showcases. In 2007, Kelburn Castle discovered that the castle wall’s rendering would soon need to be replaced as part of an ongoing restoration project, and an idea to use the [….]

street art in Miami

10 Examples of Miami’s Vibrant Street Art Culture

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Miami is a vibrant and multicultural city that’s rapidly establishing itself as a center of the contemporary art world. The annual Art Basel Miami Beach draws famous artists and newcomers from all over the Western world. Many of them blessed the city with examples of their trademark street art and murals. If you only have [….]

artrium moscow, artwork by pichi avo, sheppard fairey moscow

Artrium, The largest artwork in the centre of Moscow

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For the first time in their careers’ Shepard Fairey, Felipe Pantone, Tristan Eaton, Ben Eine, PichiAvo, Okuda San Miguel, Pokras Lampas, Faith47, WK Interact, Faust, Haculla were challenged to create on the façade of the same building. Over the course of 4 months, the walls of Moscow’s Atrium Mall were transformed into a sprawling canvas [….]

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New artwork by MTO “On lâche rien”

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New mural artwork painted by MTO. Curated by Iryna Kanishcheva and organized by GNV URBAN ART. Model : Mark Smith . Mural performed on Diesel Parts Sales Service Inc. Located at 1276 West Adams Street, Jacksonville 32204 More about MTO: Facebook Photo Gallery:

Argentina, 20 Street Artists not to be missed

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Argentina has got a very important community of street artists and graffiti artists. Many are internationally renowned like Martin Ron, Milu Correch, Ever and Jaz. Buenos Aires, the capital city, attracts both local and international street artists due to it’s abundance of abandoned buildings and grey walls. There are nearly no restrictions on where artists [….]

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Interview with NeSpoon, a very talented Polish Artist

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A few weeks ago I was writing two articles about the Polish Urban art scene and by chance i discover an amazing artwork by a young Polish artist called NeSpoon. I immediately wanted to know more about her and her art. Very few artists stop you in your tracks when you discover their work. Her [….]

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Interview with NIMI

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Hi NIMI, great to meet you. Where are you from? You’re now living in Bergen (Norway), can you tell us a bit more about that? Hi Laurent, wonderful to hear from you. I’m originally from Johannesburg, SA. My family are South African Indians, who lived all over the Southern region, so I travelled a lot [….]