Nils Westergard famous street art mural

Interview with Nils Westergard

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Nils Westergard is a very talented street artist and film maker. His murals and stencilled artworks can be found all around the world. He kindly accepted to answer few questions to streetart360 . Here’s his interview.

Bosolleti mural in Italy - Pietas

Francisco Bosolleti new artwork in Italy “PIETAS”

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A new street art masterpiece has been painted in Italy. The Argentine urban artist Francisco Bosoletti, as part of the BAGOUT2019 review, created the work “Pietas”

MTO mural in Berlfast

Belfast street art guide and map

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The heart of urban art in Belfast is concentrated in the cathedral district. For the past ten years, urban artists and graffiti artists from all over the world have been painting huge frescoes and bringing colours to the walls.

street art in saudi arabia by Kla5

Street Art best of December 2019

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We’ve selected what we think are the most interesting and creative street art murals realised worldwide in December 2019. From Paris to Miami, discover artworks by: El Bocho, Case Maclaim, Millo, Eric Skotnes, Fintan Magee, …