I’m a social media and digital communication consultant passionate about art. I live in Edinburgh (Scotland).
Seven years ago, i discovered on a wall in Vitry sur Seine (France) a stencil by a French Street Artist, C215.
This small masterpiece of urban art could have been exhibited in a museum.
It was, however, on the gray and dirty wall of a soulless building. This colorful and poetic drawing was my first encounter with Street Art.

With Sergiy Radkevich – Paris 2016

What a meeting ! Since that day i no longer look at the walls of our cities in the same way.
Today, the cities without soul become one after the other open-air museums.
Camera in my hand i walk the streets of our cities in search of new discoveries.


With EJEK - Glasgow 2016
With EJEK – Glasgow 2016


I would like to share this passion with you through this blog and also on social networks.

Laurent Jacquet – Street Art Blogger and Photographer 

StreetArt360 & Paris Tonkar Magazine 


My Street Art Social Networks:










5 Comments Add yours

  1. stadtauge says:

    cool blog! I like it! interesting (street art map, cities, artists… wow)

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  2. Hi Laurent, this blog tremendous! And I love the talented works and artists you’ve featured.

    Have you ever thought of giving Street Art Tours to travelers from across the world? I’m just sitting here and wondering how amazing it’d be if anybody could experience going around and appreciating the best of street art with you by their side!

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    1. Thank’s Amrita. I organize free street art tours 🙂 In Glasgow (when i’m in Scotland) in Paris, Vitry sur Seine (when i’m in France )

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  3. daniel says:

    me gusta este espacio, gracias por compartir


  4. Very nice website! I loved the article about street art in Spain. I am also a passionate about graffiti in Madrid. Congrats


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