I’m a social media and digital communication consultant passionate about art. I live in Edinburgh (Scotland).
Seven years ago, i discovered on a wall in Vitry sur Seine (France) a stencil by a French Street Artist, C215.
This small masterpiece of urban art could have been exhibited in a museum.
It was, however, on the gray and dirty wall of a soulless building. This colorful and poetic drawing was my first encounter with Street Art.

hopare graff
Hopare at work – paris 2013

What a meeting ! Since that day i no longer look at the walls of our cities in the same way.
Today, the cities without soul become one after the other open-air museums.
Camera in my hand i walk the streets of our cities in search of new discoveries.

Yuri Hopnn at work
Yuri Hopnn at work

I would like to share this passion with you through this blog and also on social networks.

Laurent Jacquet – Street Art Blogger and Photographer 

StreetArt360 & Paris Tonkar Magazine 


My Street Art Social Networks:










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