Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada new artworks – COP 25 in Madrid

Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada presents two new murals in Madrid for “Greenpoint Earth Madrid 2019” for the UN climate conference COP 25. Gerada is one of the most committed artists for environmental protection. He has painted  two murals  which focus on the climate crisis and the fight of indigenous people to save their lands.  They have been curated by Stephen Donofrio for Greenpoint Innovations.

Here are these two urban art masterpieces. Thanks for sharing on your social networks. The fight against climate change is an everyday fight and needs all our support.

Photography by Fer Alcalá

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gerada in madrid for cop 25

Gerada mural against climate change

N climate conference COP 25  Jorge Rodriguez Gerada New Artworks

gerada new artwork in spain for cop 25

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