Belfast street art guide and map

Belfast is a city that I particularly like. It is one of those cities which, like Berlin, has suffered throughout history and over time has become an open-air gallery of murals. The city centre walls have become a huge canvas for urban artists around the world. There is no doubt that the civil war (known as the ‘Troubles’) which shook Northern Ireland from the early 1960s until ‘The 1998 Good Friday peace accords’ was the main reason for this explosion of colour and creations.

If it is urban art that reigns supreme in the centre of Belfast, you can discover hundreds of frescoes in other areas of the city. These have a political character and retrace the dark period of the troubles which opposed Loyalist Protestants and Republican Catholics. This history book painted on the walls of different parts of the city is unique. You absolutely must allow a few hours to discover it.

belfast street

Northern Ireland history on Belfast’s walls

Belfast still bears the scars of a violent past. Although the political conflict known as “troubles” has ended, there are parts of Belfast where segregation between the Republican community and the Loyalists is still being felt. Old rivalries are tough and hard to forget after decades of violence that claimed the lives of more than 3,500 people. How do you move on when your neighbourhood is covered with frescoes recalling years of violence and suffering? In recent years murals reminiscent of a civil war have begun to be replaced by artworks calling for peace and unity. A beautiful message of hope for the Northern Irish people who so deserve peace.

Even today, what the people of Belfast call “the wall of peace” marks a border between the Republican and Loyalist communities. The doors separating certain districts are still closed at night to prevent any potential confrontation.

Belfast political mural
Belfast political mural

Where to go

The Fall Road and Shankill Road frescoes. Allow 4 hours to discover them on foot and using public transport.


There are many guided tours in Belfast to explore the city’s political frescoes.

You can find local guides on the Get Your Guide website , I also recommend the Black Taxi Tours 

Useful links 

Map of the political frescoes of Belfast HERE

Street Art in Belfast

The heart of urban art in Belfast is concentrated in the cathedral district. For the past ten years, urban artists and graffiti artists from all over the world have been painting huge frescoes and bringing colours to the walls. Here there is no segregation, the city is full of authentic masterpieces of urban art.

A must see

Some true street art masterpieces from around the city. I really recommend these ones:

– The very symbolic fresco of MTO, representing a young man with red hair planting two arrows in the heart of a dove (one of the arrows represents the Catholic cross and the other the Protestant cross) – To see on Talbot Street facing St. Anne’s Cathedral

– Smug’s fresco “Lobster Pot” urban art hyper realism masterpiece by the famous Australian artist based in Glasgow. On high street

– A colourful portrait of a woman by Aches and Eoin at the top of Kent Street.

– A monumental mural by Christina Angelina representing faces of women on Donegall Street

– The duel by Irish street artist Conor Harrington on Hill Street

– Dan Kitchener’s geisha on Exchange Street

Christina Angelina mural in Belfast. where can i find street art in belfast
Christina Angelina in Belfast

You will also discover artworks by famous artists such as

The Italian female street artist Alice, Nomad Clan, James Earley, Annatomix, Sancho MDN, DANK,  …

Walking through the streets of Belfast

Here are the main streets where you will discover urban art. High street court, Hill street, Talbot street, North Street, Lower Garfield street, Kent street, Union street

Belfast printable and interactive  street art map:

Here’s a printable map with a street art walk itinerary

Belfast Travel Information:

Guided tours 

Guided tours: Check on Airbnb Activities and Get your Guide


Transport: Visit Belfast 


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Where to eat and drink in Belfast

Art galleries in Belfast


You can get more information or purchase the books by clicking on links or photos

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Belfast Urban Art photo gallery

irony urban art mural in belfast city centre
Irony in Belfast
SMUG in Belfast northern ireland
SMUG in Belfast
Conor Harrington street art in belfast
Conor Harrington in Belfast
Belfast street art guide and map. where find graffiti in belfast
Belfast street art
MTO mural in Berlfast
MTO in Belfast
Belfast political mural
Belfast political mural
belfast graffiti artwork
Belfast graffiti artwork
street art and graffiti in Belfast northern ireland
street art in Belfast
“Hope and Love” in Belfast
Emmalene Blake Mural in Belfast
Emmalene Blake Mural in Belfast
belfast street art by Aches and Eoin
belfast street art by Aches and Eoin

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