TOP 100 Urban Art 2019 – Best artworks and street artists of the year

We’re at the beginning of 2020 and its time for the Streetart360 team to do a retrospective on the most beautiful urban art murals painted in 2019. We’ve selected 100 murals from around the world, some by renown artists and others by new talents. We based our selection on the number of likes and shares they have received on the StreetArt360 social network pages (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest) Please use the comment section to give us your feed back and remember to visit the artists social networks or websites. Thanks for sharing this Top 100. We wish you all the best for 2020.

1. Nils Westergard in Waynesboro, Virginia, USA

Nils Westergard links: Website | Flickr | Instagram | Facebook fan page

Nils Westergard in Waynesboro, Virginia, USA
Nils Westergard

2. SimpleG in Athens, Greece

SimpleG links: Website | Behance | Youtube | Instagram | Facebook page – Photo: John Spinoulas

best of Urban art

3. Nick Napoletano in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

photo: Dave Lee

Nick Napoletano links: Website | Instagram | Facebook

Nick Napoletano urban artwork
Nick Napoletano

4. Owen Dippie in Los AngelesCAUSA

photo: Impermanent Art.

Owen Dippie links: Website | Instagram | Facebook

Owen Dippie in Los Angeles, CA, USA
Owen Dippie

5. JDL in EpinalFrance

JDL links: Website | Instagram | Facebook page

JDL in Epinal, France

6. Flow in Nancy, France

Flow links:  Website | Instagram | Facebook page

best of street art and urban art in europe

7. Saype in Decazeville, France

Saype links: Website | Instagram | Facebook page

Saype in Decazeville, France

8. Pichi & Avo in Jaffa, Israel

Pichi and Avo links: Website | Youtube | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook page

photo: David

Pichi & Avo in Jaffa, Israel
Pichi & Avo

9. JEKS in Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA

JEKS links: Instagram

best street art in USA - Nasa and street art

10. Federico Zenobi aka Kor1 in Marotta, Italy

Kor1 links: Website | Instagram | Facebook page

Federico Zenobi aka Kor1 in Marotta, Italy
Federico Zenobi aka Kor1

11. Emily Ding in OaklandCaliforniaUSA

Emily Ding links: Website | Instagram

street art masterpiece by Emily Ding in Oakland, California, USA
Emily Ding

12. GÔMEZ aka Luis Gomez de Teran  in Matera, Italy

Gomez links: Instagram | Facebook page Photo: Balto videomaker

GÔMEZ aka Luis Gomez de Teran  in Matera, Italy

13. Clara Leff

Clara Leff links: Website | Instagram | Facebook

Clara Leff best urban art
Clara Leff

14. Noe Two in HavanaCuba

Noe Two links: Website | Instagram | Facebook page

Noe Two in Havana, Cuba
Noe Two

15. Sef in Buenos AiresArgentina

photo: Agustin Silva.

Sef links: Instagram

Sef in Buenos Aires, Argentina

16. Zabou in LondonUK

Zabou links: Website | Instagram | Facebook  page

Zabou in London, UK
Zabou in London, UK

17. Seth Globepainter in ShanghaiChina.

Seth Globepainter links: Website | Instagram | Facebook  page

Seth Globepainter in Shanghai, China.
Seth Globepainter

18. Anpu Varkey in MumbaiIndia

photo: Suraj Katra.

Anpu Varkey links: Website | Instagram | Facebook

Anpu Varkey in Mumbai, India
Anpu Varkey

19. El Mac in Los AngelesCAUSA

El Mac links: Instagram | Facebook page

El Mac in Los Angeles, CA, USA
El Mac

20. Guido Palmadessa in Buenos AiresArgentina.

Guide Palmadessa links: Website | Instagram | Facebook

Guido Palmadessa in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Guido Palmadessa

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  1. Great post look forward to seeing more of this excellent blog in 2020 😀

    1. thank’s 🙂

  2. So many amazing examples around the world, they make my heart sing. 😌

  3. Robert H Bangle says:

    REALLY love this site…

  4. Anthony Tran says:

    My favorite from your list is Federico Zenobi. I can see why you used it as your featured image. It’s impressive that he was able to keep the look consistent even though the wall had two different surfaces of bricks and a flat wall.

  5. Bill Bonner says:

    Magnificent – thank you

  6. Chuck says:

    Beautiful!! Kinda surprised that no Etam Cru pieces were chosen, as they certainly belong in the top 100

  7. Pilar says:

    It is so sad that you don’t know El Niño de Las Pinturas, Who is the best in Granada, anda maybe the best in Spain…

  8. Dmitriy says:


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