TOP 100 Urban Art 2019 – Best artworks and street artists of the year

41. Den Extralargos aka Eva Mena in Puerto Del RosarioCanary IslandsSpain

Eva Mena links: Website | Instagram | Facebook  page

Den Extralargos aka Eva Mena in Puerto Del Rosario, Canary Islands, Spain
Eva Mena

42. Leticia Mandragora in CochabambaBolivia

Leticia Mandragora links: Instagram | Facebook page

Leticia Mandragora in Cochabamba, Bolivia. Best urban art 2019
Leticia Mandragora

43. Mentalgassi in VölklingenGermany

Mentalgassi links: Website | Instagram | Facebook page

Mentalgassi in Völklingen, Germany. famous street artist

44. Hopare in BordeauxFrance

Hopare links: Website | Instagram | Facebook page

Hopare in Bordeaux, France

45. GÔMEZ in NaplesItaly

Gomez links: Instagram | Facebook page

GÔMEZ in Naples, Italy

46. Murales Lian in LeitzaSpain

Murales Lian links: Blog | Instagram | Facebook page

Murales Lian in Leitza, Spain
Murales Lian

47. Ozmo in RietiItaly

Ozmo links: Website | Instagram | Facebook page

Ozmo in Rieti, Italy
Ozmo in Rieti, Italy

48. Daleast in ParisFrance

Daleast links: Website | Instagram

Daleast in Paris, France

49. Jorit Agoch in Palma CampaniaItaly.

photo: Rosichan.

Jorit Agosh links: Website | Youtube | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook page

Jorit Agoch in Palma Campania, Italy.
Jorit Agoch

50. Royyal Dog in Lafayette, Indiana, USA

Royyal Dog links: Instagram | Facebook page

Royyal Dog in Lafayette, Indiana, USA
Royyal Dog in Lafayette, Indiana, USA

51. Henry Chram in Huaraz, Peru

Henry Chram links: Instagram | Facebook page

best of urban artworks in 2019
Henry Chram

52. Martín Ron in OdintsovoRussia

Martin Ron links: Website | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook page

Martín Ron in Odintsovo, Russia
Martín Ron

53. Eduardo Kobra in New OrleansLouisianaUSA:

Kobra links: Instagram | Facebook page

best urban art Eduardo Kobra in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
Eduardo Kobra

54. Ella & Pitr in PlovdivBulgaria

Ella et Pitr links: Tumblr | Instagram | Facebook page

urban artwork by Ella & Pitr in Plovdiv, Bulgaria
Ella & Pitr

55. DEIH in CasablancaMorocco

photo: M3ayzo.

Deih links: Website | Instagram | Facebook page

DEIH in Casablanca, Morocco

56. Iljin in DecazevilleFrance


Iljin links: Website | Instagram | Facebook

best urban artists 2019 Iljin in Decazeville, France

57. Oniro in AtinaItaly

Oniro links: Behance | Instagram | Facebook page

Oniro in Atina, Italy
Oniro in Atina, Italy

58. Hyuro in BesançonFrance

photo: David Devouhgeot.

Hyuro links: Website | Flickr | Instagram | Facebook page

famous urban artist Hyuro in Besançon, France

59. Herakut and Nuno Viegas in BerlinGermany

Links Herakut: Website | Instagram | Facebook page

street art masterpiece by Herakut and Nuno Viegas in Berlin, Germany
Herakut and Nuno Viegas

60. Peeta in MannheimGermany

Peeta links: Website | Instagram | Facebook page

3d street art Peeta in Mannheim, Germany

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  1. Great post look forward to seeing more of this excellent blog in 2020 😀

    1. thank’s 🙂

  2. So many amazing examples around the world, they make my heart sing. 😌

  3. Robert H Bangle says:

    REALLY love this site…

  4. Anthony Tran says:

    My favorite from your list is Federico Zenobi. I can see why you used it as your featured image. It’s impressive that he was able to keep the look consistent even though the wall had two different surfaces of bricks and a flat wall.

  5. Bill Bonner says:

    Magnificent – thank you

  6. Chuck says:

    Beautiful!! Kinda surprised that no Etam Cru pieces were chosen, as they certainly belong in the top 100

  7. Pilar says:

    It is so sad that you don’t know El Niño de Las Pinturas, Who is the best in Granada, anda maybe the best in Spain…

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