TOP 100 Urban Art 2019 – Best artworks and street artists of the year

21. JOTAPÉ in ValparaisoChile

Jotapé links: Instagram | Facebook page

urban art by JOTAPÉ in Valparaiso, Chile

22. Nark in MafraPortugal

Nark links: Instagram

Nark in Mafra, Portugal

23. Loretta Lizzio in AdelaideAustralia

Loretta Lizzio links: Website | Instagram | Facebook page

Loretta Lizzio in Adelaide, Australia
Loretta Lizzio

24. Gamma Collective in LongmontColoradoUSA

Gamma Collective links: Website | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook page

Gamma Collective in Longmont, Colorado, USA
Gamma Collective

25. Scafoner in LorraineFrance

Scafoner links: Website | Instagram | Facebook  page

Scafoner in Lorraine, France

26. Xi de Sign aka Die Dixons in BerlinGermany

photo: Jörn Reiners.

Die Dixons links: Website | Instagram | Facebook page

Xi de Sign aka Die Dixons in Berlin, Germany
Die Dixons

27. Rone in SherbookeAustralia

Rone links: Website | Vimeo | Instagram

Rone in Sherbooke, Australia

28. Sonny Sundancer in JohannesburgSouth Africa

Sonny Sundancer links: Youtube | Instagram | Facebook page

Sonny Sundancer in Johannesburg, South Africa
Sonny Sundancer

29. Bill Tavis aka Tavis in AustinTexasUSA

Tavis links: Tumblr | Vimeo | Website | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook  page

Bill Tavis aka Tavis in Austin, Texas, USA

30. Royyal Dog in AshkelonIsrael

Royyal Dog links: Instagram | Facebook page

Royyal Dog in Ashkelon, Israel
Royyal Dog

31. Fanakapan in BerlinGermany

photo: Nika Kramer

Fanakapan links: Instagram | Facebook page

Fanakapan in Berlin, Germany

32. Mister Copy in ParisFrance

Mister Copy links: Website | Instagram | Facebook

Mister Copy in Paris, France
Mister Copy

33. Fin DAC University of AdelaideAdelaideAustralia

photo: Neda.

Fin Dac links: Tumblr | Flickr | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook page

Fin DAC University of Adelaide, Adelaide, Australia

34. Gabriel Pitcher in Kuala LumpurMalaysia

Gabriel Pitcher links: Website | Facebook page | Instagram

Gabriel Pitcher in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Gabriel Pitcher

35. Odeith in Lisbon, Portugal

Odeith links: Website | YoutubeInstagram | Twitter | Facebook page

Odeith in Lisbon, Portugal

36. Phlegm in RabatMorocco

Phlegm links: Instagram | Facebook page

Phlegm in Rabat, Morocco

37. WD Drawing in AthensGreece

WD links: Website | Instagram | Facebook page

WD Drawing in Athens, Greece

38. Dale Grimshaw in LondonUK

photo: Ben Shakes.

Dale Grimshaw links: Website | Instagram | Facebook  page

Dale Grimshaw in London, UK
Dale Grimshaw

39. Adnate in MelbourneAustralia

photo: George Kayne.

Adnate links: Website | Instagram | Facebook

urban art best 2019 Adnate in Melbourne, Australia

40. Chisme in Benaguasil, Valencia

Asier: Instagram | Facebook page

MUS: Instagram | Facebook page

Chisme in Valencia
Chisme in Valencia

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  1. Great post look forward to seeing more of this excellent blog in 2020 😀

    1. thank’s 🙂

  2. So many amazing examples around the world, they make my heart sing. 😌

  3. Robert H Bangle says:

    REALLY love this site…

  4. Anthony Tran says:

    My favorite from your list is Federico Zenobi. I can see why you used it as your featured image. It’s impressive that he was able to keep the look consistent even though the wall had two different surfaces of bricks and a flat wall.

  5. Bill Bonner says:

    Magnificent – thank you

  6. Chuck says:

    Beautiful!! Kinda surprised that no Etam Cru pieces were chosen, as they certainly belong in the top 100

  7. Pilar says:

    It is so sad that you don’t know El Niño de Las Pinturas, Who is the best in Granada, anda maybe the best in Spain…

  8. Dmitriy says:


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