Street Art best of December 2019

We’ve selected what we think are the most interesting and creative street art murals realised worldwide in December 2019. This month in our line-up are some very famous urban artists and also some great new talents. We hope you’ll love this urban art murals selection. Please share it on your social networks and give us your feedback in the comments. Enjoy!

El Bocho artwork in Tbilisi, Georgia

El Bocho is a Berlin-based street artist using graphic posters to tell stories throughout the city, and across the world. El Bocho is one of Berlin’s most well known street artists.

For: Tbilisi Mural Fest  – Photo by: Anano

More about El Bocho:
El Bocho Website Instagram | Facebook page

best of urban art. Street art mural artwork by street artist El Bocho
El Bocho

Case Maclaim mural in Saint-Denis (Paris, France)

Case Maclaim aka Andreas von Chrzanowski, is one of the founding members of the renowned Ma’Claim Crew. CASE Maclaim is one of the most creative and innovative urban artists Europe has seen so far.

“David VS Goliath”

For: : Street Art Avenue Grand Paris – Photo by: Mindin Rewind

More about Case Maclaim:
Case Maclaim instagram | Facebook page

Case Maclaim “A hand gesture can say a thousand words”

street art in Paris. Mural painted by famous german street artist case maclaim
Case Maclaim

Francesco Camillo Giorgino aka Millo in Lecce, Italy

Millo is an Italian street artist who paints large scale murals in simple black and white lines and occasional colour. His artworks have an element of architecture and the outcome always seems to bless the surrounding area.

For: 167Bstreet  – Photo by: Sergio Manzone

More about Millo:
Millo website | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook page

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urban art in italy. mural painted by Millo

Eric Skotnes in Miami, Florida, USA 

Eric Skotnes is a street artist who creates works inspired by Neoclassicism, reinterpreting art icons in a contemporary way.

For: The RAW Project

More about Eric Skotnes:
Eric Skotnes website | Instagram | Facebook page

street art in Miami . mural by Eric Skotnes
Eric Skotnes

Fintan Magee in Primm, Nevada, USA 

Fintan Magee is an Australian street artist known for his murals throughout Australia and the world.

For: Mural Oasis

More about Fintan Magee:
Fintan Magee website | Flickr | Instagram 

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street art in USA . huge mural artwork by Fintan Magee
Fintan Magee

Adrian Avila in Miami, Florida, USA

Rolando Adrian Avila is a young Cuban artist. At only 25 years he’s one of the more prolific and better-known painters within Miami’s art district.

For: CCD Art Collective  –  Photo by: Sylvie Robert

More about Adrian Avila:
Adrian Avila website | Instagram | Facebook page

urban art in the usa, street art in miami, mural artwork by Adrian Avila
Adrian Avila

Miramar Moh’d & Dalal Mitwally in Amman, Jordan 

“Let your eyes be cast on the mountain tops “

For: Artmejo  – Photo by: Emad

More about Miramar Moh’d:
Instagram | Facebook
More about Dalal Mitwally:
Instagram | Facebook

street art in Jordan, urban art in jordania Miramar Moh’d & Dalal Mitwally
Miramar Moh’d & Dalal Mitwally

Innerfields in Berlin, Germany 

Innerfields are 3 artists: Jakob Tory Bardou, Holger Weißflog and Veit Tempich. Born and based in Berlin, they‘ve been growing up with graffiti and various influences; they started as a urban art crew in 1998.


More about Innerfields:
Innerfields website | Instagram | Facebook page

innerfields mural artwork. street art in Berlin

Invader in Djerba, Tunisia

Invader is one of the most famous French Street artist. He is known for his ceramic tile mosaics modelled on the pixelated art of 70’s video games, many of which depict the titular aliens from the 1978 arcade game Space Invaders.

“Star Wars Tribute”

More about Invader:
Invader website | Instagram | Facebook page | Invader mobile app

Kla5 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia 

More about Kla5:

street art in saudi arabia by Kla5

Sebastien Boileau aka Mr D 1987 in Miami, Florida, USA 

Born in Versailles, France, Sebastien “Mr. D” Boileau was influenced by the American Pop Art and Graffiti movement of the 60s, 70s, and 80s and began his artistic endeavors in Paris in 1987 at the age of 14.

“Art saved this neighborhood!”

For: Big Walls Big DreamsPhoto by: Dave Lee

More about Mr D 1987:
Instagram | Facebook

Mr D 187 artwork in Miami
Mr D 1987

Sabotaje Al Montaje in Fanzara, Spain 

Sabotaje Al Montaje is a very talented graffiti and street-art artist from Las Palmas in Spain

For: MIAU Fanzara

More about Sabotaje Al Montaje:
Website | Instagram | Facebook page

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Sabotaje Al Montaje street art in spain
Sabotaje Al Montaje

Dome in Gießen, Germany

Dome aka Christian Krämer – is a German based urban artist.

“Supreme being”

For: River Tales

Photo by: Universitätsstadt Gießen

More about Dome:
Dome website | Instagram | Facebook page

dome street artwork in Gießen, Germany

INO in Miami, Florida, USA 

INO is a street artist based in Athens, Greece. Best known for his outstanding figurative murals created on a large scale, INO is one of the most internationally recognized Greek street artist.

For: The RAW Project

Photo by: Clémentine Lemaitre

More about INO:
INO website | Instagram | Facebook page

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amazing street art mural in miami painted by greek street artist Ino

Mabel Vicentef in Rosario, Argentina 

Mabel Vicentef started her career in a team of set designing for cinema, TV and social events. After some time she starts painting murals, soon she was able to dedicate herself fully to her passion, setting off to leave a bit of herself where she went. She has painted several murals in Spain, New Zealand, United States, Uruguay, Mexico, Albania, Croatia, Bosnia, Morocco and many different parts of Argentina, her homeland.

For: La Chicago – Arte Urbano

More about Mabel Vicentef:
Her website | Youtube | Tumblr | Instagram | Facebook

best of street art in Argentina
Mabel Vicentef

Ale Poiré & Chanate in Atlamoculco, Mexico 

For: Festival Pixatl

More about Ale Poiré:
Website | Instagram | Facebook
More about Chanate:
Behance | Instagram | Facebook page

Ale Poiré & Chanate
Ale Poiré & Chanate

Julien Malland aka Seth Globepainter in Brazil 

French street artist Julien Malland, otherwise known as Seth Globepainter, creates colourful street art all around the world.

“Maõs sujas “: Dirty Hands

For: INarteurbana

More about Seth Globepainter:
His website | Instagram | Facebook page

seth globepainter street artist
Seth Globepainter

Telmo Miel in Miami, Florida 

Telmo Pieper and Miel Krutzmann are the names behind Telmo Miel artistic duo.

For: The RAW Project

More about Telmo Miel:
Website | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook page

Telmo Miel
Telmo Miel

Banksy in Birmingham, UK 

Banksy is an anonymous England-based street artist, vandal, political activist, and film director, active since the 1990’s. He’s one of the most famous urban artist.

More about Banksy:
Website | Instagram 

Banksy on this website

Banksy christmas mural in Birmingham UK

Gleo in Cancun, Mexico

Gleo is a Columbian female street artist from Cali. She uses just simple paint brushes and rollers for her works


For: Paseo Pionero

Photo by: Instagrafite

More about Gleo:
Tumblr | Instagram |Facebook page

street art in mexico. Mural by Gleo

Slim Safont aka SLIM  in Minsk, Belarus

Slim is a very talented Catalonian urban artist

“A different direction”

For: Urban Myths

More about SLIM:
Instagram | Facebook

street art in belarus

Filite in Taboão da Serra, Brazil 

For: Graffiti contra Enchente

More about Filite:
Instagram | Facebook

Filite street art mural in Taboão da Serra, Brazil

FI2K in Odintsovo, Russia

Folipp Dulmachenko aka FI2K is a Russian stencil artist from Saint Petersburg.

For: Urban Morphogenesis

More about FI2K:

street art in Odintsovo, Russia

Milu Correch in San Rafael, Argentina 

Milu Correch is a famous and talented Argentinean urban artist known for her large scale murals.

More about Milu Correch:
Website | Instagram | Facebook page

Milu Correch
Milu Correch

MonkeyBird Crew in Le Locle, Switzerland

MonkeyBird is a duo of French street artists. They are known for using symbolic anthropomorphism in their artworks.

For: The 10th birthday of UNESCO
With Luxor Factory

More about MonkeyBird Crew:
Website | Instagram | Facebook page

MonkeyBird Crew in Le Locle, urban art in Switzerland
MonkeyBird Crew

SimpleG in Athens, Greece

SimpleG lives in Athens. He studies in the Greek National School of Fine Arts in Athens. He’s painting murals since 2009.

For: Petit Paris Athens FestivalPhoto by: John Spinoulas

More about SimpleG:
Website | Behance | Youtube | Instagram | Facebook page

SimpleG in Athens, Greece

Flow in Nancy, France

Flow is a very talented French street artist.

For: Le MUR Nancy

More about Flow:
Website | Instagram | Facebook page

Flow in Nancy, France

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