Interview with Russian artist Anatoly Akue

Here’s our third interview with a Russian Urban artist. While I was writing my article about The Russian Street Art scene I discovered the work of an incredibly creative artist named Anatoly Akue. His work is colourful, sophisticated and somewhere between street art, graffiti and abstract art. He kindly accepted my request to answer a few questions for StreetArt360. Here’s his interview. I sincerely hope you’ll like his work and share it on social networks.

Hi Anatoly, great to meet you. When/Why did you start putting your art onto walls?

My Name is Anatoly Akue.

I started painting on streets in 1997 when I saw a graffiti piece and was totally blown away by its power.

Since that time many things had changed in life but i still find graffiti and art a very interesting field not only for communication with others but also as a method to be more aware on the inner level.

Where do you get your inspiration?

As we all are not separate from the outer world i find inspiration in daily struggles and challenges. Its very exciting and its helpful when you know where your power is. My inspiration comes from Buddhist philosophy and meditation itself. I’m very interested in working with my limitations and concepts which appear during making art and living. I travel a lot and am always happy to explore other cultures and their values. My next projects will be about astrology and other methods of prognostication.

Anatoly Akue Russian street artist
Anatoly Akue “work in progress”

Which of your artworks are you most proud of (And where can we find them)?

In Moscow we can’t do many projects where people can see your work just walking in the city because of some new laws.

You can find just a few big murals that are still alive. That’s why the graffiti or art scene is more interesting.

Do you have any exhibitions or upcoming art festivals?

My most recent projects were in Japan (Asakusa area) and Australia (wonder walls festival) which i enjoyed and it was fun to take part in the “Venice biennale” in 2018 just because of the whole atmosphere around that event.

Anatoly Akue abstract contemporary artwork
Anatoly Akue

Is there a dream place worldwide where you would like to create an artwork?

Now I’m looking towards an eastern direction. I want to visit America and Europe more but no specific town.

In 2020 i would like to spend more time in the studio and to focus on painting. But there will definitely be some hot spots to visit.

Thanks a lot. Would you like to add anything else for Streetart360 readers?

I would like to thank you and to remind readers to remember that everything is about to change so each of us could find some inner qualities to rely on in our art and daily life.

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Anatoly Akue Artworks

Anatoly Akue street art in Russia
Anatoly Akue
Anatoly Akue huge mural artwork
Anatoly Akue
Anatoly Akue abstract urban art
Anatoly Akue
street art by russian artist Anatoly Akue
Anatoly Akue
Anatoly Akue abstract graffiti art
Anatoly Akue
abstract urban art in russia
Anatoly Akue
street art and graffiti in russia
Anatoly Akue
van painted by Anatoly Akue
Anatoly Akue
Anatoly Akue mural artwork in russia
Anatoly Akue
graffiti by Anatoly Akue in Russia
Anatoly Akue

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