Interview with Nikita Nomerz

A few years ago I saw an incredible artwork by a Russian artist named Nikita Nomerz on social media. I was completely struck by this creative, crazy building which had been destroyed and recreated by an artist I’d never heard of . Last week I published an article about street art in Russia and I thought it might interest streetart360 readers to know a bit more about some of them. Nikita kindly answered a few questions. Here’s his interview.

Nikita Nomerz mural street artwork
Nikita Nomerz

Hi NIKITA, great to meet you. Where are you originally from?

Hi! I am from Russia, I was born and live in Nizhny Novgorod.

When/Why did you start putting your art onto walls?

My first experience of painting on walls was in 2005. Like many street artists, I started with graffiti. I was inspired by hip-hop culture. I got together with my friends and did classic graffiti productions.

After a while, I wanted to experiment with different techniques and new styles and I wanted to do more serious art-projects. Around 2009, I started doing street art.

My first big landmark project was “Living Walls”, which I started in 2010. Now I work in a new style, using graphic images of people and animals.

Nikita Nomerz mural artwork
Nikita Nomerz

I started a series in 2013, called “Parts of the whole.” This is a large and significant series of work to which I have devoted a lot of time. Now my work can be found in many cities in Russia, and throughout Europe and Asia.

This style is not only for street walls, I also create studio artworks working on canvases and wooden art panels.

Nikita Nomerz Walls – Nikita Nomerz Studio Artworks 

In addition to creating street and studio art works, I organise various projects and make videos. One of my important video projects is a documentary about street art in Russia. For several years I travelled around my country and shot various street artists and graffiti writers. I documented the drawing process and recorded the interviews. This film is published on YouTube, but I have not finished the English subtitles, although it should be done soon!


Is there a dream place you would like to create an artwork?

I like to travel around Russia, it is a big and amazing country. Of course, it is always especially interesting to go abroad and get acquainted with a new culture.

Almost all my trips are related to festivals and various art projects, where I meet very interesting people. I am always interested in visiting new places in the world, not only in order to create my art-work there, but also to see something new and be inspired.

Do you have any exhibitions or upcoming art festivals?

Me and my crew are preparing for the 2020 season. Every summer, from 2017, we have organised a large street art festival “Mesto” in Nizhny Novgorod. Our project involves some of the best artists from all over Russia. Over three years we have done more than 60 murals, and we also conduct lectures, master classes, exhibitions, street art excursions and much more. I hope next summer the festival will be successful again. Everyone who is interested in our project, follow our social pages!

Instagram Mesto ProjectFacebook Mesto Project 

Nikita Nomerz on the web : WebsiteInstagram 

Nikita Nomerz Arworks:


Nikita Nomerz work in Progress
Nikita Nomerz Urban artist from Russia
bird painted by Nikita Nomerz
Nikita Nomerz


russian contemporary art
Nikita Nomerz


Nikita Nomerz mural
Nikita Nomerz


portrait on a wall painted by Nikita Nomerz
Nikita Nomerz


Nikita Nomerz young talented russian painter
Nikita Nomerz


Nikita Nomerz mural , portrait
Nikita Nomerz


Nikita Nomerz
Nikita Nomerz


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