SMUG “the Australian Genius”

I’m starting a series of articles about the best urban artists on the international scene. For this first post I chose to talk about Smug also known as SmugOne. Why start with Smug? I live in Scotland and SmugOne lives in Glasgow and because he’s definitely one of my favourite urban artists. I admire both his technique, his humour, his sensitivity, and his creative genius. Smug has marked and will continue to impact the history of urban art.

Who is Smug aka Sam Bates?

To understand Smug and his work, it is first important to understand how Sam Bates became the artist we know as Smug One. Born in a small town just a few hours from Sydney, Australia, Sam Bates was a child with surprising creative abilities. From a very young age, he liked to draw, paint, scribble, always seeming to have a pencil and a sketch pad in his hand. Sam immediately caught the attention of his classmates. Everyone knew that Sam was much more talented than anyone else. He already had enormous artistic potential and was destined to become a great artist.

Although Smug has always wanted to have his art discovered by others it is only when he finished high school that he finally decided to put his pencil to one side and take up his first spray can. Animated by a rebellious teen spirit, Smug walked the streets of his city creating his first graffiti and signing it Smug, SmugOne.

Over time Smug perfected his technique, giving free rein to his creative spirit, pushing the boundaries of urban art. This is how he became the undisputed master of hyper realism.

Smug street artist based in Glasgow painted this mural in Belfast
Smug Artwork in Belfast – Northern Ireland

Smug the genius of hyper realism

Looking at Smug’s works you will quickly understand that street art is anything but vandalism. His frescoes are works of art, he simply chose to use the city walls as a backdrop for his painting and offer everyone the chance to discover art without visiting a museum or gallery. In my opinion, this is a strong social act. Art accessible to all. Thank you Smug.

What about his style? Smug is inspired by the realistic artistic movement of the mid-nineteenth century. He uses photographs as the basis of his creations. He takes his own photos and transcribes them with incredible precision. The result ? Simply amazing. Masterpieces of urban art that leave you speechless. He is to me both an outstanding photographer and painter. He combines these two art forms so creatively and cleverly.

These creations are all ultra-precise, realistic and colourful. The photo inspires him, while the wall, its texture and its size, leads him to overcome the practical obstacles which then give a unique character to his creations

Smug Famous mural artwork in Glasgow Scotland
 Smug mural in Glasgow – Scotland

To conclude

Smug’s fame continues to grow, we can discover his frescoes all around the world. Smug is gaining popularity and influence in the world of urban art. His technique is refined a little bit more after each of his new artworks. The artistic community is continually impressed by the incredible talent of this street artist. I appreciate enormously Smug’s state of mind, in spite of all his success he paints in the street and offers his art to the greatest number and does not conceive the art like a product that one can sell. He is an authentic street artist.

In addition, Smug always has an aura of mystery. What I understand is he can’t and won’t be captured by the art world. Booking this young talent for an exhibition in a museum or gallery is for the moment almost impossible.

SmugOne in Glasgow





To learn more about Smug

Here are some links to follow and discover the work of SmugOne

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Smug Artworks

huge building painted by urban artist smug one
Smug One mural
portrait of man with a cap painted by australian street artist Smug
street art by Smug
portrait of a man painted by glasgow based artist Smug
SmugOne mural
portrait of an old man by street artist smug
Mural by Smugone
skull painted on a wall by street artist smug
Smug mural artwork



Photos by: SmugOne and StreetArt360 




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  1. Amazing. Absolutely incredible.

  2. Incredible artist.

  3. Hope says:

    WOW! WOW! WOW! He’s a great artist and it’s a shame no one that goes to a gallery will not be able to see them. To bad there isn’t an outside wall gallery. 😯

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