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A few days ago I discovered a concept that I really like. All artists are looking for walls to paint and it’s often not easy to find one. Especially if you want to paint in a city or country you don’t know. So if you’re a street artist or a graffiti artist and you’re looking for a wall to paint you might be interested in Wallspot. Wallspot is the first street-art platform that helps artists, urban-art lovers and professionals to find a spot where they can paint.

Where? Is Wallspot’s ambition to be international? Yes their objective is to cover the world! They already have walls in 5 continents.

Developed both as a website and a mobile and tablet APP, Wallspot shows you a map of where you can book walls to create your artwork and where you can also find shops selling spray paints.

a wall by wallspot painted by a street artist

The Wallspot team is based in Barcelona, and most of their walls are local. That’s why they need your help: they want to fill up the Wallspot map with as many walls as possible. Street artists, graffiti artists, photographers, bloggers and all urban art lovers – you have the chance to share your walls with Wallspot and help them build a worldwide street-art community where artists can easily find a wall to paint. Let’s bring more colours to our cities – share your wall!

If you have a spot and would be willing to share it and place it on the Wallspot platform, so that it becomes available for the international urban artists’ community, please contact them here.

For more information: 

Wallspot website  

You can also contact Wallspot here 

Wallspot walls: 

looking for a wall to paint in paris

wall street art

looking for street art wall

street artists and graffiti artists you can find find a wall with wallspot app

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