Mrfijodor, aka Fijodor Benzo

I would like to introduce you to a very talented artist you really need to know about. His name is Fijodor Benzo and he’s from Italy. Below is a little bit of information about him, some photos of his artworks and also links if you want to discover more. Enjoy!

MrFijodor has always had a strong creative streak – as a child he spent his days creating LEGO monsters and drawing all over his bedroom walls.  His current  artwork production is very diverse, ranging from installations to thematic murals, as well as performance works and graffiti. He creates works whose subjects are usually elementary forms which convey direct messages; based on simple interpretation, ensuring that they can be understood. Very often, his works contain social or ecological criticism in a direct style, free from complex technical elements.

I absolutely love his work. Have a look to his murals, i’m sure you’ll understand why! Talent, creativity and poetry!

More About MrFijodor:

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MrFijodor artworks:

Plastic Rain MRFIJODOR 2019

Mrjijodor street artist from italy

MrFijodor murals

Mrfijodor street artist from italy

Misterfijodor mural

Mrfijodor urban artist from italy

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