Street Art Best Of – November 2019 

Every month we select some of the best new urban artworks for you – including some street art masterpieces.  They’ve been created over the last few weeks by artists in cities throughout the world including Paris, New York, London, Taiwan, Casablanca and Cancun. We have a mixture of new talent and old names this month. An amazing line up…enjoy!

Discover the latest murals by: Seth Globepainter, Royyal Dog,  Fonki, Sitou, Atelier Athem, Hyuro, KAY2, JEKS, Roman Kreemos, Case Maclaim, Dmitry Levochkin,  Senkoe, DANK, Mister Toledo, ARTEZ, Noah Koertz, Aphe, Taylor White, GOMEZ, FINDAC, Mabel Vicentef, Henri Lamy, Cobre, Saype, Cee pil, Bust the Drip, Lula Goce, INTI

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Julien Malland aka Seth Globepainter in Versailles, France

Seth Globepainter links : Website | Instagram | Facebook page

seth globepainter street art
Seth Globepainter

Royyal Dog  in Andong, South Korea
photo: Dee Seong

Royyal Dog links: Instagram | Facebook page

Royyal Dog street art
Royyal Dog

Fonki in Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Fonki links: Website | Instagram | Facebook page

Fonki street art

Sitou in Casablanca, Morocco

Sitou links: Website | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook

Sitou street art

Atelier ATHEM  in Lyon, France

Atelier ATHEM links: Website | Vimeo | Instagram | Facebook page

Atelier Athem street art
Atelier ATHEM

Hyuro in Aalborg, Denmark

Huyro links: Website | Flickr | Instagram | Facebook page

Hyuro street art


Kay2 links: Website | Instagram | Facebook page

Kay2 street art

JEKS in Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA.

Jeks links: Instagram

Jeks street art

Roman Kreemos in Waterford, Ireland
photo: Gabe McGuinness

Kreemos links: Behance | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook

Roman Kreemos street art
Roman Kreemos

Case Maclaim in Cancun, Mexico
photo: Instagrafite

Case Maclaim links: Instagram | Facebook page

Case Maclaim
Case Maclaim

Dmitry Levochkin in Odintsovo, Russia

Dmitry Levochkin links: Instagram | Facebook page

Dmitry Levochkin street art
Dmitry Levochkin

Senkoe in Sacramento, California, USA

Senkoe links: Instagram | Facebook page

Senkoe street art

Dan Kitchener aka DANK in London, UK

DANK links: Website | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook page

Dan Kitchener street art
Dan Kitchener

Mister Toledo in Memphis, Tennessee, USA

Mister Toledo links: Instagram

Mister Toledo street art
Mister Toledo

Artez in Belgrade, Serbia
photo: Donji Dorćol

ARTEZ links: Website | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook page

Artez street art

Noah Kauertz & Aphe in Dortmund, Germany

Instagram | Facebook page
Links APHE:

Noah Kauertz & Aphe
Noah Kauertz & Aphe

Taylor White in Atlanta, Georgia, USA
photo: DV Photo Video

Taylor White links: Website | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook page

Taylor White street art
Taylor White street art

GÔMEZ aka Luis Gomez de Teran in Matera, Italy
photo: Balto videomaker

Gomez links: Instagram | Facebook page

GÔMEZ street art

Fin DAC in Papeete, Tahiti

FinDac links: Tumblr | Flickr | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook page


Mabel Vicentef in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Mable Vicentef links: Website | Instagram | Facebook

Mabel Vicentef
Mabel Vicentef

Henri Lamy in Boulogne Billancourt, France

Henri Lamy links: Website | Instagram | Facebook page

Henri Lamy
Henri Lamy

Andres Cobre aka NDC media in Modesto, California, USA

Cobre links: Instagram | Facebook page

Andres Cobre
Andres Cobre

Saype in Decazeville, France
10.000m2 biodegradable paint on grass

Saype links: Website | Instagram | Facebook page

Saype art

Cee Pil in Bexhill-on-Sea, UK

Cee Pil links: Instagram | Facebook

Cee Pil street art
Cee Pil

Bust The Drip in Paris, France

Bust the Drip links: Instagram | Facebook page

Bust The Drip street art
Bust The Drip

Lula Goce in New Rochelle, New York, USA
photo: just_a_spectator

Lula Goce links: Website | Instagram | Facebook page

Lula Goce street art
Lula Goce

INTI in Santiago, Chile

Website | Instagram | Facebook page

INTI street art

All photos by Artists courtesy

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  1. Ostendnomad says:

    Nice pieces. The one in Waterford is from this year I suppose. The mural from Kitchener is cool, usually he use more the fluorescent colors and reflections. The one in Casablanca, can it more urban? Awesome finds!

  2. Mind blowing, incredible artwork!

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