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I love Michael Harker’s latest book, “the big mural book” and would recommend that every serious urban art lover should get themselves a copy. Below is a bit of information about the writer and some photos from the book. If you want to purchase it just click on the link at the end of the article.

Photographer Michael Harker was born in Munich and went on to study business administration in Vienna which is where he discovered his passion for photography. However, after finishing his studies he worked for more than 30 years as a management consultant. In 2007 he turned to professional photography. Graffiti and street art have been a longstanding passion.

Photographs by Michael Harker document the significance of huge murals, often with a political or social message where contact with the viewer is immediate and needs no explanation. In this book large format pictures present works by over 150 artists with art from Berlin, Vienna, Lisbon, Paris, London, New York and Bangkok.

The preface was written by Bordalo II, a renowned street artist who uses his trash animals to creatively translate the theme of the environment and it´s destruction. His large-scale works using a unique blend of sculpture and painting techniques are represented all over the world.

Michael’s photographs focus on people, cities and landscapes – through the romantic eyes of a street photographer. With the unshakeable belief in the good and beauty of the world he captures moments from an unexpected perspective. His works show the magic and the emotion of the moment.

Michael Harker is currently under contract with several renowned image banks. He has published a number of large format calendars and is currently working on 2 book projects, one of them on India, with a major German publisher.

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Photos from the book:

 Michael Harker book Icons of Street Art. mural by Case

Dface artwork photo by Michael Harker

Michael Harker street art book

Book Icons of street art by Michael Harker

street art books. By Michael Harker

urban art books

michael harker street art book

michael harker urban art book

more about Michael Harker: http://www.michael-harker.com



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