History of Street Art


The art history seems to be unique flourish from one style to another. When it comes to their beginnings, one is often taken aback and start to reflect on the artwork. Street artwork began to experience tremendous evolution into interdisciplinary forms of various artistic expressions. One can’t fail to appreciate the graffiti, stencil, murals, prints as well as large-scale paintings to street installation. Now, street art has a significant inspiration for performance as well as video art. It is quite safe to conclude that street art is the epitome of contemporary art

street art in paris by inti

Where did street art come from initially?

It might be challenging to pinpoint the exact point in history where street art first made its appearance. However, you can appreciate that some of the first expression of street art was graffiti. Graffiti artwork showed up on the sides of walls, trains as well as cars. It was majorly the work of gangs in the 1920’s and 1930’s in New York.

Nonetheless, the impact of graffiti was felt in the 1970’s and 1980’s. The cultural movement got recognition and became recorded in a book titled ‘The history of American Graffiti,’ whose authors were Roger Gastman and Caleb Neelon. It was during these decades that it was a significant turning point in street art history. The young had begun embracing socio-political environmental change. They felt the urge to express themselves and thus used street art as a communication tool.

True artistry gets expressed by the use of spray paint to fingers of teens. A photographer by the name Martha Cooper made a name for herself. Martha Cooper is one of the respected names when it comes to documentation of street art as well as artists. Later on, other photographers followed suit to capture and display street art.

What began as an illegal activity to create destruction, found its way to warm people’s heart. It has now found its wat into galleries as well as the global art market. You can quickly secure your lovely graffiti wall art online. You can choose from the various diverse creativity in the form of mysterious, intriguing, bold, as well as colourful canvases with profound meaning.

street art by smugone in belfast

What has become of street art today?

Street art owes a great deal of pure artistic expression. Its marvellous awe is incredible to follows its evolution as well as diversity in the 21st century. One can see the note that stencils plays a considerable part in the history concurrently with graffiti. It’s also a socio-political activism tool whose power overtook the platform.

Street art evolution became evident via famous artists such as Banksy. The artist transformed the view of this art in the iconic documentary ‘exit from the gist shop.’

In the process, street art paved the way for various artists who created mind-blowing murals. Others ventured into video art as well as performance art to express their creative work.

street art in london by amara por dios


To appreciate street art history, one must immerse into the sublime cultural phenomenon. It’s an omnipresent art that encompasses various art practices. Get to know more about the influence of street art and how artists unit. You can get a graffiti wall art and show express a deeper appreciation for art history.

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