Chisme: a very creative street art duo from Spain

You all know the Spanish duo Pichi & Avo, the Germans Hera and Akut (Herakut), Etam Cru from Poland and the Brazilian’s OsGemeos. They are all world renowned collaborations of street artists who have delighted everyone by bringing colour to the gray walls of our cities.

A few weeks ago an exciting new duo ‘Chisme’ was formed in Spain. Two artists with very different backgrounds, styles and techniques. Asier and MüS decided to start working together and combine their creativity in a very original and unique way.
What a success. They have just completed their 4th wall in Europe and they already show a huge talent. Rather than combining their styles they have created something entirely original. I’ve been blown away with what they have managed to create so far.
Streetart360 invited them to paint a wall in Blackness’s new open air museum in Scotland so I have just spent the last week with them in Dundee. They gave the city the gift of a new masterpiece of urban art in Europe.
Subscribe to their Instagram and Facebook pages. These two artists have a crazy talent and their collaboration promises huge surprises.
They agreed to answer a few questions, to help us understand a bit more about who they are and how they collaborate.

Chisme, Asier and MüS

Hi Asier, Hi MüS , such a pleasure to have you here with us in Dundee, and thanks again for such an amazing mural.
Can you tell us a bit about yourselves?
Asier: My name is Asier and I’m from Donostia. Painting is both my job and my passion.
MüS : I’m MüS and I’m from Villadepalos a tiny village in Spain

MüS , can you tell us a bit more about your artist name ?
MüS : When I start painting I signed all my artworks with the nickname “Rastamantman” cos I had dreadlocks and I looked like a kinda rasta. But after I cut my hair I had to find a new name as it didn’t fit at all anymore with my look. I simply liked MüS , it’s short and it was easy to experiment with graffiti lettering.

Today you’re both in Dundee to do a collaboration which you’ll sign Chisme? Why Chisme?
Asier: In Spanish, chisme is a word that means a lot of things. We use it a bit like you in the UK use “thingie” for example. It’s not a proper word but a kind of expression. We use it often to describe an object. Many people use it in the area of Spain we’re living in.

chisme new artwork in Dundee Scotland

You have two very different styles and techniques how do you combine that in your artworks?
MüS : We have very different styles, that’s true, but very complementary. Probably because Asier likes to paint figurative artworks and I like to paint landscapes and compositions. I absolutely love creating my own compositions. We start our creative process with a photo, an idea and we work together on it. It’s strongly linked to our friendship, in a way we don’t need to speak together everything just comes naturally. This is probably one of the reasons we’ve decided to work together. Being very good friends is the basis of our artist duo.

In your personal artworks you both use a lot of colour. Why did the first artwork by Chisme use such a plain palette?
Asier: I was sort of fed up of using real colours. Preparing our new artworks in my studio I started to experiment with a few colours and a lot of shades. Victor (Mus) loved that idea as it fits perfectly with the way he sees our possible collab. I also started to do my own photos. I sent these photos to MUS. It inspired him in the creative birth of our collab. There is an incredible synergy between us. A bit like if we were artists twins.
MüS : I like to experiment and try new colour palettes with Chisme. We want to do something different from our original artworks. We want to experiment together…. as you say in English, ‘let it be’…
Asier: And you know, going out of our comfort zone gives us more creativity. It’s scary but we hope for the best.

chisme new artwork in dundee scotland

Watching Chisme’s first murals I can tell you it’s for the best. You are one of the most exciting street artist duos in Europe. Do you ever fight or argue ?
Asier: We never argue. We discuss a lot. And I know it might be weird for a lot of people but this incredible relationship helps us paint something very different to what we create outside our collab.

We’ve invited you back to Scotland in September to create a huge mural. Having had a taste of Scotland you are keen to incorporate what you’ve seen into your next art work. Can you tell us a bit more about that?
MüS : We loved the Scottish scenery and the kindness of Scottish people. So yes our next artwork in Scotland will be dedicated to this amazing country that we too now love.

street art by Chisme

Thanks a lot Asier, and MUS, what are your next projects with Chisme?
We’re going to be very busy in the next few months.
– Festival Arte en la Calle in La Robla (Spain)
– Meeting of Styles (Madrid)
– We’ll be in Germany with Karl Kenz
– Art Aero Rap in la Baneza (Spain)
– We’ll probably paint a wall in Paris (Vitry sur Seine)
– And we’ll be back in Scotland in September.

Thanks my friends. We’re going to miss you. See you very soon.

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Asier, street artist from spain. Huge mural of a young boy with a cap
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