10 Examples of Miami’s Vibrant Street Art Culture

Miami is a vibrant and multicultural city that’s rapidly establishing itself as a center of the contemporary art world. The annual Art Basel Miami Beach draws famous artists and newcomers from all over the Western world. Many of them blessed the city with examples of their trademark street art and murals.

If you only have a short time to explore and want to get a good sampling of Miami’s street art culture these are 10 must see sights.

1. Futurama Gallery (1641 Calle Ocho)

The Futurama Gallery was created by Daniel Fila with support from New Amsterdam Vodka. It celebrates the musical and cultural contributions of Latin Americans and is a beautiful work of art in its own right.

2. Mural of First Summit of the Americas (Maximo Gomez Park A.K.A Dominos Park)

Domino park is famous for the clattering sound of the dominos hitting the table. Inside you’ll find locals playing a game, drinking strong coffee, and a mural commemorating the 1994 Summit of the Americas.

The style of the work is realistic and the figures captured represent the Latin American leaders who appeared at this first meeting. The area around the mural isn’t covered, so make sure you bring your waterproof Iphone case if you’re expecting rain.

3. Anything Can Be Beautiful When You Look At It with Love (1334 N Miami Ave)

An eerie yet arresting piece on the perils of gentrification, this incredible street art was created by the German duo Herakut. Its massive size and eye-catching scene make it one of the most prominent and well known solo pieces in the Miami area.

street art in Miami USA

4. La Esquina de la Fama restaurant (SW Eighth St and SW 14th Ave)

The mural on the side of the restaurant Esquina de la Fama features expressions of Cuban pride as well as famous Cuban American figures. Many of those immortalized are influential local and world artists.

This is a great place to stop by halfway through your tour as they have one of the best Cuban sandwiches in Miami.

5. Wynwood Walls

Located in the Wynwood warehouse district, Wynwood walls is a world famous art statement made up of dozens of murals completed by numerous famous artists. The brainchild of placemaker Tony Goldman, Wynwood walls is a must see for any tour of Miami’s street art scene.

6. Stop Wars (NW Second Ave and NW 27th St)

Fans of the Star Wars franchise will love this eye-catching mural on NW Second Ave and NW 27th St. It features psychedelic take on Jedi Master Yoda holding a sign with the message “Stop Wars”.

It was completed by prolific street artist Eduardo Kobra.

urban art and street art in miami

7. Goodwill Superstore (982 Calle Ocho)

If you want to see a microcosm of the entire Miami street art scene in a single mural this is a great way to do it. Rather than picking a single artist, Goodwill asked dozens of local and nationally famous artists to share space.

This produced an incredible mix off styles and compositions that has to be seen to be believed. The store itself has a huge selection of clothes, a waterproof iphone case, furniture, and anything else you can think of.

8. Yisell Bakery (1356 SW 8th St)

A local bakery, Yisell also has a fancifully conceived wall mural featuring local beauties extolling the virtues of their products. If you’re looking for an authentic Cuban bakery look no further than Yisell Bakery.

9. Welcome to Little Haiti (5865 NE Second Ave)

This mural features realistic representations of important figures in Haitian history and culture. This is appropriate given its location right in the center of the vibrant Haitian portion of Miami.

street art and urban art in miami

10. I am From a Place Where it Does Not Snow (318 NW 23rd St)

The location of this piece makes it a bit difficult to see on your own. It was painted on the roof of a large structure by a local elementary school student.

The composition is fairly basic but the message it conveys and the supersized way it conveys it nonetheless make it a must see piece of Miami street art.

Take it Slow

Don’t feel like you have to make it to all of these murals in a single day. Spend your time enjoying each one, grab some of Miami’s incredible Latin food, and relax in the shade with some excellent local ice cream.

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