Interview with Sandie Carol

Hi Sandie, great to meet you. where are you from?

I am French-Norwegian and grew up both in the middle of the vineyards in St-Estèphe, France, and near the Hardangerfjord, in Husnes, Norway.

You’re now living in Vitry-sur-seine, Paris street art open air museum, can you tell us a bit more about that?

I moved to Vitry 10 years ago with my family and we fell in love with the city which offers an amazing social mix, rich cultural life and which is now renowned for its street art. In 2009 C215 settled in Vitry and started making lots of street art pieces in the city. He also invited street artists from all over the world to make street art in the city. Some years ago, I became a part of Passage Photo, a photographer collective which exposes the streets.

A collective of street artists from Bergen in Norway contacted me 5 years ago because the street artists wanted to paint a wall in Vitry.

They wanted me to help them find a wall, which I did with the help of Jean-Philippe Trigla (Vitry’n Urbaine), a friend that organises lots of street art pieces in the city. We found a 60m long wall and invited local street artists (Brok, Meushay, Takt, Bebar, Skifo), our photo collective Passage Photo and the Norwegian street artists NIMI, AFK, Skurk and Newton.

Sandie carol dougnac artwork . photography and painted wall
Sandie Carol

Are you primarily an artist or do you have another job?

I have worked as a photographer since I finished my studies in French Literature at the University of Bergen.

Today I work primarily as an artist and I am also curating and organizing the Hardangerfjord Street Art Festival, in Kvinnherad, Norway. The next one will be in the summer of 2020!

How did it all start? (when you were a kid? At school? later?)

As a little girl I loved to draw and later on I learned to take photos and to develop my photos in a darkroom.

That was magical! When I was 23 I travelled to Asia alone with my camera for 4 month and something happened in India. It was love at the first sight. The light was so beautiful and the colours too. Indian life was an invitation for taking photos, all the time. Back home in Bergen I had my first solo exhibition with my photos from India, and that’s how I started my career as a photographer.

What are your main sources of inspiration?

All living beings with a soul. Sunlight. Moonlight. People. Flowers. Animals. Landscapes…

As human beings we are connected to Mother Earth and to the endless Universe.

I guess I try to show this connection from some feelings deep inside ourselves to something greater out there…

Portrait by franco norwegian artist sandie carol
Sandie Carol

Which is your favourite mural that you’ve created?

It must be « Fjord Dream »on the wall of an old farm at Rødtunet, in Kvinnherad, Norway, for Hardangerfjord Street Art Festival.

It was so special to paint at night with a view over the fjord, in the summer light, with Siv and Atle, the owners, sitting outside with me by the fire. They put on the radio and they played Solveigs Song by Edvard Grieg and we had some red wine. A magical moment in my life!

You organised an urban art fest last year in Norway. Can you tell us a bit more about it?

The first edition of Hardangerfjord Street Art Festival took place in the Kvinnherad community in the west of Norway in 2018.

We are now preparing the 2nd edition in July 2020.

Our festival is founded on community-based ideologies and an underlying aim to raise awareness and discussions concerning a wide range of issues impacting our planet. We reflect on the issue of melting glaciers, pollution of the fjords, the destruction of plants and animals, but also on the human ability to overcome problems. The festival offers workshops, murals, film and street installations by local and international artists.

With Bergen’s flourishing street art scene to the north and Stavanger’s established NUART festival to the south, the quiet rural landscape of Kvinnherad may seem an unexpected scene for urban art, yet it is already home to works by a number of notable artists including Axel Void, Canemorto, NDA and OverUnder as well as artworks from last year’s artist line-up which included Nipper Jon (UK/NO), Nimi (UK/NO), AFK (NO), Ami Gatekunst (NO), Aunt Regine (NO), Sandie Carol (FR/NO), plus a number of local artists.

Sandie carol Dougnac, artist based in Vitry-sur-Seine in front of her artwork
Sandie Carol

Do you have any future plans that you would be prepared to share with the readers of Streetart360?

From the 17-20 of May I will participate in VEDO A COLORI – a street art festival in Civitanova Marche in Italy.

So looking forward to that!

After that I have planned several mural collaborations in Vitry and Paris with street artists that I love.

I have also been invited to do a street art wall in Dundee in Scotland and I have some commissions too, one wall in Cuba and one in a castle in France.

I will also look out for sponsors for Hardangerfjord Street Art Festival and chose the artists and walls, as well as collaborating projects with the local children

Thanks Sandie. See you soon in Scotland.

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beautiful female portrait by french artist sandie carol dougnac
Sandie Carol
Sandie Carol Dougnac work in progress
Sandie Carol
Sandie carol dougnac famous artwork . Norwegian litte princess
Sandie Carol
Sandie Carol Dougnac . Franco Norwegian street artist in front of one of her famous artworks
Sandie Carol

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