Street Art in Dundee, Scotland

Dundee, lies between Edinburgh and Aberdeen, situated on the border of the North sea on the banks of the river Tay.
Art is firmly embedded in the history and very soul of Dundee. The Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design is part of the University of Dundee and is ranked as one of the top schools of art and design in the UK. In 2014 Dundee was recognized by the United Nations as the UK’s first UNESCO City of Design and the highly anticipated V&A opened in 2018. Numerous projects have been popping up over the last few years such as ‘Open Close’, where doors around the city have been given to artists to use as their canvas.
Now the city has decided that it is ready to open its walls to urban art. In June 2020 it will host it’s first street art festival including local, national and international artists. From April 2019, every month street artists from around the world will start to bring life to the forgotten walls of Dundee.

Scotland, an Urban Art hotspot in Europe.

Scotland is well on the way to becoming one of the major urban art destinations in Europe. Glasgow and Aberdeen have been the first cities to propose walls to street and graffiti artists. Currently two major urban art festivals take place in Scotland: ‘Nuart’ in Aberdeen and Yardworks in Glasgow.
Scotland is already home to masterpieces by world renowned artists such as : RogueOne, SmugOne, Herakut, Vhils, Axel Void, Fintan Magee, Hush, Phelgm, Ernest Zacharevic, Bordalo II, …
Dundee is now going to complete the missing link in an amazing Urban Art trail in Scotland, starting in Glasgow and leading to Aberdeen.

urban art in dundee. Amazing artwork by Mister Copy and Paco Graff
Mr Copy and Paco Graff mural in Dundee

First Street Art murals in Dundee.

For our first 2 walls in Dundee we invited 2 very talented artists.Paco Graff a French Graffiti artist based in Dundee and Mister Copy a South African street artist currently living in Paris.
They embarked on an artistic collaboration on two huge doors in Douglas Street, Blackness.

The name of the mural is « Le chardon Rose » or the Pink Rose (thistle).This artwork is dedicated to Scotland and Dundee city. Making a reference to the famous Scottish Thistle and also Robert Burns’ Rose (In French Rose means pink as well as the flower).
This project has been organized by the team and Full crate Gallery in Edinburgh.
We want to thanks Russel, from Open Close who helped us find the walls, Craig from Tayside Re-Users who kindly gave us permission to paint on their two huge doors and also to all the inhabitants of Blackness who have shown nothing but enthusiasm for our project. Their many smiles and and positive comments were greatly appreciated.

graffiti art and urban art in scotland dundee
Paco Graffiti artwork in Dundee

And finally a last word from the artists who I’ve asked about their impression of Dundee and about the artwork they have dedicated to the city.

Mister Copy “I find Dundee a very beautiful secret city. The community of people are really positive and have good vibes, they seem to enjoy the concept of street art.
It’s an artist playground and there are so much opportunities to create beautiful art in the future .
The artwork I’ve created is based on an epic powerful angelic being . It’s a lady of elegance and peacefulness. She’s holding the national flower , she’s gripping a thistle powerfully and giving off the pride of being Scottish and looking over the city of Dundee and guarding the community of blackness. ”

PacoGraff  “I came here for the food and the weather. I love this place – the sunniest city in Scotland. I also have family living in Scotland, and have now lived here for 19 years.  I love Dundee and my collaboration with Mister Copy is a present to Dundee and Scotland.”

Comments from the locals:

Jane living in Blackness
“Kept myself busy today..had a wee trip to the Recycling Centre and saw 2 guys had set up outside in chairs..I gave them a wee swerve as I wasn’t sure why they were camped out there..I popped inside and was 30 minutes max inside…When I came outside an angel adorned the steel shutters on the empty yard space…Wow!…I got chatting to them and discovered they are part of an art project to install their designs in urban of the guys was from Paris and has now lived in Dundee for a year ..he says Dundee people were the best and loves it here..It cheered me up and I honestly believe it was a gift from my Mum on the anniversary of her death today.💕
. Check these guys out and look out for them in the Blackie and Lochree!”

Roberto working at Tayside Re-Users
” It’s awesome ”

Liam working in Blackness
” it’s good to bring to such a dull place, bright and eye catching ”

Emiliya Studying in Dundee
” Short story some two days ago I was meditating and asked the Divine, God, Higher Spirit, Great Intelligence whatever you would like to call it for a sign that it listen to me and to respond to me in a way that I can be surprised and the same time I will know…. I was having a challenging time. I am a second year student in Abertay University and this is the most intense time of completing the term ‘s exams and the same time juggling full time study, part time job, finding time to rest, nurture and grow. I felt exhausted. Focused my attention onto moment to moment presence in order to meet the challenges ahead. I was dragging myself this morning down Douglas Street on my way to uni. Suddenly on the left I noticed a beautiful picture of angelic face with a thistle flower in hand. I stopped, tears were rolling down my cheeks and I felt goosebumps all over my skin!I was in awe! The heaviness was lifted and the rest of the week I felt so inspired. For the rest of the week I have been passing by and enjoying watching this beauty! Thank you so much. Love and gratitude for your gift! Kind regards Emiliya ”

Sian living in Liff
“Totally amazing. Looks just like a photo. I can’t wait until the next one”

A bit more about Mister Copy and PacoGraff

Mikey aka Mister Copy from Johannesburg, South Africa

: Mister Copy bio InstagramWebsite

Paco Graff from Narbonne and based in Dundee, Scotland:  you can read the interview we’ve done with PacoGraff Here. His Instagram

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Photo Gallery:

street art in Dundee scotland
Artwork by Mister Copy in Dundee
urban art in dundee, the team
PacoGraff, Mister Copy and Laurent Jacquet
Mister copy mural artwork in scotland dundee
Mister Copy street art in Dundee
street art in dundee. work in progress .
Mister Copy work in progress in Dundee

street art in dundee scotland
Mister Copy artwork detail
street art in dundee by Pacograff
Pacograff detail artwork in Dundee


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