For the past 3 years Nuart Aberdeen has transformed the city of Aberdeen into an Open Air Museum, making it a delight for urban and contemporary art lovers alike.

Aberdeen is a city of contrasts: relaxed yet dynamic, modern with a rich history, set in a distinctive urban landscape on the North East coast of Scotland.

The city has existed since pre-historic times with people settling around the rivers Dee and Don some 8,000 years ago. It has since developed into the 3rd largest city in Scotland. Built largely of locally mined stone, the ‘granite city’ literally ‘sparkles’ when the sun shines.

This year Nuart Aberdeen will take place between the 18th and 21st April 2019.

amazing mural by Milu Correch for nuart aberdeen in Scotland
Milu Correch – Nuart Aberdeen



Want to know more about Aberdeen?

Aberdeen has a undeniable cosmopolitan buzz. With its many shopping centers, fashion boutiques, bars, clubs and restaurants. Aberdeen is an absolute must for anyone who likes to explore new cities whilst having fun!

It would take at least a week to discover all the sights of the city. Spend a day touring galleries and art shops. Admire museum collections, walk along the cobbled streets of the historic shopping district, taking in the magnificent architecture Aberdeen has to offer.

Aberdeen is more than just an urban hot spot. Nature lovers will feel at home, thanks to the many parks, gardens and beautiful floral exhibitions. Aberdeen has won the “Best City” award at Britain in Bloom no less than 13 times. The beautiful beach and harbor are just a few minutes’ walk from the city centre and are a great place to spot dolphins. The Cairngorms National Park, one of Britain’s largest protected areas, bursting with wildlife, is less than an hour away by car and if you are a Golf enthusiast, you can also take advantage of the numerous golf courses located in this area of Scotland.

Do you want more? Aberdeen is right on the border of Scotland’s “castle territory”. Step out of the city to discover unique ruins on cliffs or sumptuous royal residences along Scotland’s unique castles circuit.

Not enough? Aberdeen is now also one of the World’s top cities to view street art.

Nuart aberdeen. Bordalo II work in progress
Nuart Aberdeen – Bordalo II

Walls of Aberdeen: The Nuart Aberdeen Playground

Aberdeen – New European capital of street art 
For several years the walls of Aberdeen have become a backdrop for Street art. The Door Project initially gave artists new canvases, dozens of doors offered, resulting in some real masterpieces.
For the past 3 years the Norwegian team from Nuart Fest, Stavanger, have collaborated with the city to transform Aberdeen into an open-air museum. In Aberdeen you can now discover amazing frescoes painted by some of the best street artists in the world: Huyro, Milu Correch, Herakut, Robert Montgomery, Fintan Magee, Alice Pasquini, M-City, Add Fuel, Isaac Cordal, Nipper, Jaune, Martin Whatson, AFK, Carrie Reichardt, Conzo & Glöbel, Elki, Nimi & RH74, Phlegm, Ernest Zacharevic and Bordalo II to name but a few. Aberdeen now has nothing to envy about Bristol, London, Berlin, Amsterdam or Paris.
The city has become an essential hotspot for any street art lover.

amazing and poetic mural by german duo Herakut for Nuart Aberdeen
Nuart Aberdeen – Mural by Herakut

Nuart Aberdeen 2019 – The International Urban Art festival

Created in 2017, NUART Aberdeen is back for the third year running. Nuart is an international street art festival created to present the most interesting and relevant Urban Art of our time. The aim of the festival is to activate and inspire the evolving local scene as well as encouraging creative links and exchanges between local businesses, arts organizations, community centers, property owners, institutions and members of the public, incorporating all ages and backgrounds.

Nuart Aberdeen is dedicated to promoting art as part of people’s everyday lives. It’s aim is to bring artists out of their studios and on to the streets to stimulate debate by challenging people’s perception of what art is and who it is for.

amazing mural by Phlegm in Aberdeen
Phlegm in Aberdeen

The festival provides a public platform for national and international artists to showcase their artwork through a series of murals, installations and temporary exhibitions all of which you can watch being created.

The production of the public artwork is supplemented by Nuart Plus, an international program of academic talks, artist presentations, film screenings, public workshops, walking tours and fringe events that take place across multiple sites during the opening weekend.

Please visit Nuart Aberdeen’s website, Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram for regular updates.
Nuart Aberdeen is a not for profit event supported by delivery partners Aberdeen Inspired and Aberdeen City Council. It is brought to you by Nuproductions, the team behind the highly respected Nuart Festival in Stavanger Norway – the longest running annual urban art festival in the Europe.

Huge mural in Aberdeen Scotland. By Ernest Zacharevic
Nuart Aberdeen – Ernest Zacharevic

Nuart Aberdeen 2019 – The Line up

Ben Flynn aka Eine, is an English street artist based in London. Known for his brightly coloured lettering that he paints on shop shutters and walls>

The Dotmaster is a London based artist who exploded onto the international art scene during the 90s with his world-renowned ‘Man in a Box’, where he confined and starved one of his original group members in a gallery cube. His artwork is eccentric with a contemporary twist of media and performance merged with graffiti and street art.

SmugOne, aka Sam Bates
Smug is an Australian born artist based in Glasgow, Scotland, who creates realistic street art with an original hint of humor.

Smug huge mural in Belfast
SMUG in Belfast

Anders Gjennestad aka Strøk
Anders Gjennestad is a Norwegian stencil artist also know as STRØK. He is recognized by multi-layered stencil work that contains remarkable detail.

From Lyon to Turin via Madrid, Ememem repairs and transforms the scourge of our roads and pavements – potholes and cracks – into “puddles” of colour with locally sourced ceramic tiles and grout.

EVOL is a German street and urban artist, best-known for his urban installations and paintings made on used cardboard.

Axel Void
Axel Void is a Spanish street artist, known for his shocking, dark artworks. He addresses psychological and social problems that are emphasized by his technique, influenced by classical painting and drawing. Mixing graffiti, acrylic and oil paint, dark colours and contrast dominate his visually intense artworks.

Axel Void fantastic mural in Manchester
Axel Void in Manchester

Hama Woods
Hama Woods is a stencil artist, based in Oslo. Her stencils intuitively reflect and focus on a sociological approach to greed and human consumption and its effect on our natural environment.

Helen Bur
Helen Bur is a British artist currently working across Europe in temporary studios and across walls.

UK based artist Hush draws influence from graphic novels, animation and the evanescent quality of street art. Hush’s mix of crazy anime inspired characters and pop-infused imagery creates a fascinating commentary on urban culture and has been described as Urban Abstract Pop.

Hush mural artwork. He will be at Nuart Aberdeen 2019
Hush Artwork – photo credit Hush

Jan Vormann
Jan Vormann is the German artist who travels around the world repairing buildings with broken crevices and filling them with Lego.

Julio Anaya Cabanding
The artist Julio Anaya Cabanding from Malaga, Spain, replicates the most famous paintings of all time in public places and gives the impression that they are framed.

Alexandre Farto aka Vhils destroys to create. His artwork is his trademark, using industrial methods and processes such as explosions to create his portraits. There is no limit to his medium.

Vhils huge and amazing mural
Vhils artwork – photo credit Vhils



Nuart Aberdeen 2019: When, Where, How, …




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