SODA, the abstract graffiti master

Alan De Cecco aka SODA is an Italian graffiti artist known for his exceptional abstract graffiti pieces that play with perspective. His minimalist artworks are reminiscent of pieces made by the best Kinetic and Op art masters. SODA uses black and white shapes and an exceptional shadowing technique to create an illusion of a third dimension. Music and architecture represent the artist’s main inspiration – and he loves to play with the complexity of the geometric elements and the layout of letters.

Geometrical Fragments in Motion

Born in Palmanova, Italy, in 1977, De Cecco studied Architecture and Design and currently works as a designer in London. Since 1993 the artist has been embellishing walls around the world with a variety of dynamic and seemingly weightless artworks. His pieces comprise floating geometrical fragments that are either merging and colliding or moving away from each other much like pieces of an object shattered in an explosion. The spray paint artworks create an illusion of a third dimension achieved with careful examination of the way sunlight hits a certain area followed by the careful shadowing of the elements with black paint and low pressure technique.

amazing mural by SODA Graffiti . 3d graffiti
Soda Graffiti artwork

Throughout his career, SODA has participated in numerous live painting sessions and recently his graffiti works were included in a monograph entitled Graffiti Expressions Manifestes.

“Ce que le street art ne dit pas” was published in October 2016 and represents an overview of the graffiti culture and gathers the works of fifteen international artists including SODA.

Stay Tuned:

Soda will be painting at the Yardworks 2019 (Graffiti and street art festival in Glasgow, Scotland)

Soda graffiti photo gallery:

SODA italian graffiti artist
SODA Graffiti
beautiful 3D graffiti by Soda in London
SODA Graffiti in London – 2018
amazing abstract graffiti by italian artist Soda
SODA Abstract Graffiti
3d graffiti , abstract graffiti by italian artist named Soda
SODA Graffiti artwork
fantastic 3D graffiti artwork by Soda on Leake street in London
SODA – Leake Street in London
Soda graffiti in london in 2019
SODA artwork in London
soda 3d graffiti in London
SODA London 2018
Indoor graffiti by SODA , italian artist
SODA Indoor artwork in London

Where, what and when:

Solo shows
2001 – Artenauti, Gorizia Italy
2009 – Entourage, Arte 2 Gallery, Milano Italy.

Group shows
2001 – Airbrush Show, Milano Italy
2005 – Contemparts, Vicenza Italy,
2007 – Anteprima FVG, SPAC Spazio pubblico Arte Contemporanea, Buttrio Udine Italy
2008 – Vuote a Rendere, Arte Due Gallery, Milano,
2008 – Write for Food, Old Fashion, Milano Italy.
2014 – Astratta Tre, Museo d’Arte Astratta Fondazione Zappettini, Chiavari Genova Italy,
2016 – W and Beyond, Galerie Celal, Paris France,
2017 – Lettere, Museo d’Arte Contemporanea Villa Croce,
Genova Italy,
2017 – Prisma, Colab Gallery, Weil am Rhein Germany,
2018 – Street Art Fair, Paris France
2018 – Kvadrart, Wallery Gallery, Stockholm Sweden.

Live Painting
1997 – NightWave, Rimini Italy,
1999 – NightWave, Rimini Italy,
1999 – Zanussi, Conegliano Veneto Italy,
1999 – Panico Totale, Pisa – Italy,
2003 – Terrazza Mare, Jesolo Italy,
2003 – MOS, Padova Italy,
2003 – Co-Attitudes, Roma, Italy,
2003 – Parenzo Croazia,
2003 – MOS Ljubljana, Slovenia,
2003 – MOS, Zagreb Croatia,
2004 – MOS, Padova Italy,
2004 – MOS, Zagreb Croatia,
2004 – Ostia, Roma Italy,
2005 – Lignano Italy,
2005 – Padova Meeting of Style Italy,
2008 – Salso Maggiore Terme Italy.
2008 – MOS, Padova Italy,
2012 – Red Gallery, London United Kingdom,
2014 – Elementi Sotterranei, Gemona Italy,
2015 – Elementi Sotterranei, Gemona Italy.
2015 – Timboni, Malindi Kenya,
2015 – Jealouse Gallery Roof Top, London UK,
2015 – Kosciuszko Street, Brooklyn New York USA,
2016 – Global Street Art, Old Street, London UK,
2016 – Forum Przestrzenie, Krakow Poland,
2017 – for Waterloo Leake Street Arches, London UK
2018 – Leake Street Tunnel (Banksy Street), London UK
2018 – Premio Antonio Giordano for Street Art 5th edition Santa Croce di Magliano, Campobasso Italy.

As Papiers Colles
2005 – Galleria Neon, Bologna Italy,
2005 – Accademia di Belle Arti, Bologna Italy,
2005 – Villa Manin – Centro d’Arte Contemporanea, Passariano Udine Italy,
2006 – Sound Metak, Milano Italy,
2006 – Edera, Codroipo Italy,
2007 – Bunker Padiglione 14, Torino Italy
2007 – Contemplari, Treviso Italy.

As Video Artist
2003 – Rototom, Latisana Udine Italy,
2004 – VideoClip organized by CEC Centro Espressioni Cinematografiche, Udine Italy,
2004 – DobiArtEventi – progetto “D ox_a”, Bobia Gorizia Italy,
2005 – Visionario, Udine Italy
2005 – Electronics ExCerit, Pordenone Italy,
2005 – Deposito Giordani, Pordenone Italy,
2005 – project Disconnection, Udine Italy,
2005 – Project Dng Random, DobiArtEventi, Dobia Italy,
2005 – Spazio-Tempo, Codroipo Udine Italy,
2008 – DobiArteEventi, BobiaLab, Dobia Italy,
2008 – Club Commission, Udine Italy,
2008 – Ellen Allien, Magazzini Generali, MilanoItaly,
2008 – Alex Under, Bitte, Milano Italy,
2008 – Sashe Funke, Bitte, Milano Italy,
2008 – Trak Label, Bitte, Milano Italy,
2008 – Donnacha Costello, Milano Italy,
2009 – Disconnect music festival – Royksopp, Fujiya & Miagi, Ebony Bones, Little Dragon, Venice Italy

2008 – DoCoMo, Salone Del Mobile, Milano Italy
2008 – HoloCube, Salone Del Mobile, Milano Italy

2006 – Heavy Metal, a photo book by Alex Fakso – Damiani Editore
2009 – Giovanni Sello 1959/2009 – Istituto Statale d’Arte di Udine. 50 Anni dalla fondazione
2009 – Alan De Cecco – Entourage, Arte Due Gallery per il Comune di Milano Italy
2014 – Astratta Tre, Museo d’Arte Astratta Fondazione Zappettini, Chiavari Genova Italy
2016 – Graffiti Writing Expressions Manifestes, Lokiss – Hazan Editions, Paris France
2017 – Prisma, Group Exhibition at Colab Gallery
2018 – Graffiti 50 ans d’interactions urbaines, Lokiss – Hazan Editions, Paris France

Graffiti Book Selection:

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