First artwork by Chisme the street art duo formed by MÜS and Asier

Here’s the first artwork by “CHISME” the new urban art duo formed by Aka Mus (MÜS) and Asier Vera.
Undertaken at Caos community festival, it´s a tribute to young people like Julio, who continue to resist moving from the villages to large urban centres, keeping these rural areas alive.
Julio is a friend of Asier. He was born in Noceda, a small village in La Cabrera, a mountainous area in the province of León (Spain).
When he was little, he had to walk 9 km to get to school. He stayed with a friend of his parents during the week, and on Friday he walked back home.
After moving to Leon and working for several different companies, he met his wife Susana, they decided to go back to their roots and together they renovated an old house in the village.
They work on a farm, they take care of their cows, chickens and ducks … they are happy living in harmony with nature, they have chosen this lifestyle and love it.

More informations about the artists: Asier Instagram and MÜS instagram 

Chisme Photo Gallery:

Chisme Artwork. Aka MÜS and Asier collab
Chisme new mural – Asier and MÜS
Chisme new mural detail
Aka MÜS and Asier new mural artwork
Chisme new artwork detail

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  1. Incredible.

  2. Alex says:

    Amazing Artwork.

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