Yardworks Festival 2019 – Street Art and Graffiti in Glasgow

On May 11th and 12th 2019, the Yardworks Festival is back in Glasgow for the 3rd consecutive year. This unique festival will bring together over 120 international artists. Graffiti artists and street artists will paint inside SWG3, a multi-purpose warehouse space, housed in a former tobacco bond and located by the River Clyde in Glasgow. Nearly 700 meters of wall and railway arches will become an open-air art gallery.

The Yardworks festival will also include concerts and graffiti workshops for both adults and children, not to mention a skateboarding ramp. There will also be an array of street restaurants and ephemeral bars available to visitors . An event not to be missed.

mural by graffiti legend INKIE at yardworks
Yardworks festival in 2018 – photo Laurent Jacquet

Yardworks 2019 Line up:

Once again, the festival’s artistic director, Gaz Mackay, has managed to bring together the best of graffiti and street art in Europe.

Insane 51, a Greek street artist based in Athens, one of the pioneers of street art in 3D.
Smug, an Australian artist based in Glasgow, internationally renowned for his giant sized hyper-realistic frescoes.
Fanakapan, London based artist , famous for his walls representing everyday objects in 3D
Voyder, a legend of street art and graffiti
Rogue-one, Glasgow’s own iconic street artist
Mademoiselle Maurice, a fantastic French street artist known for her artworks including origami, vivid colours and monumental installations.
Soda, an Italian artist who has become one of the masters of 3D abstract graffiti.
SNUB23, an English artist based in Brighton, internationally recognized for his works inspired by American cartoons and comics.
Andreas Welin, a young Danish artist known for his huge frescoes.
Ciaran Globel and Conzo who have done an amazing mural in Aberdeen last year during the Nuart Festival
Ejek, a Scottish artist and friend who introduced me to the urban art scene in Glasgow when I first arrived in Scotland.

As well as:
DOES, Saturno, Mr Baker, Balstroem, Bonzai, Siguel, GENT 48, Ziner, Hylton, Mark Worst, Charlie Anderson, 45rpm, Phil Blake, Rea, Onno, Rask, Trench, Krime, Frank Carty, Easy Riders, Chelsea Frew, Erin Bradley-Scott, …

Yardworks 2019 Useful informations:

Yardworks Event Facebook Page: here

Yardworks Tickets: here

Video: here 


amazing mural by famous australian street artist Smug . In glasgow for yardworks 2018
SmugOne Yardworks festival in Glasgow – photo Laurent Jacquet
fantastic mural by Acid Collapse at yardworks festival glasgow in 2017
Acid Collapse for Yardworks Glasgow – photo Laurent Jacquet
beautiful mural by RogueOne . street artist based in Glasgow . Yardworks festival
RogueOne for Yardworks Glasgow – photo Laurent Jacquet
sema lao french street artist was at yardworks fest in glasgow in 2018
Sema Lao – Yardworks festival – photo Laurent Jacquet  
Rogue One in Glasgow – Photo RogueOne
FANAKAPAN – Photo Fanakapan

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