Artist of the week: Julia Volchkova

Artist of the week: Julia Volchkova

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Julia Volchkova russian street artist
Julia Volchkova

Julia Volchkova is a Mural Artist who was born in the city of Nizhnevartovsk, Siberia, in 1987.
Since childhood, she has loved drawing and went on to undertake a professional art education, specialising in anatomy and portraits. She graduated in 2010.

2010 – 2014
St Petersburg, Russia. The time of formation.
Ukraine 2013 – First original building painting

2014 – 2016
First trip to Asia where she was inspired by the Asian culture. Visited and painted murals in Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Australia, Silo Art Project.
Awarded the “Worldwide Excellence Award” in Malaysia

Spain – Citric festival
Milan, Italy – looper FEST



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Julia Volchkova artworks:


Child Mural, by Julia Volchkova. Loc- Prangin Canal – photo Patrick Loo
Julia Volchkova Artwork

julia volchkova mural artwork

julia volchkova in balik pulau

julia volchkova  4.jpg
Julia Volchkova mural artwork

julia volchkova 3
Julia Volchkova art

julia volchkova in spain
Julia Volchkova street art mural

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