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Hi Mr.June 🙂 Is there a story behind Mr.June?
David Louf aka Mr.June began graffiti in ’85. Heavily influenced by oldskool hip-hop and breakdance he soon fell in love with the concept of graphic design and it was not long before his talents and magnificent arts were recognized by big names in the industry. Before he actually graduated from Art School he was offered a position as art director and touched base with the big guys in the hectic world of commerce. He soon realized this was cramping his style which forced him to take matters into his own hands thus Graphic design studio ‘Outoforder’ was born and offered multi-disciplinary areas of art, video, illustration and interactive productions. Based in Amsterdam, he was able to shake the Netherlands and beyond, by combining his memorizing graphic elements, graffiti, and fine arts into one.
Over the last years, Mr.June has found his way to combine his love for typography, splashing colors with the addition of extra dimensions into his own recognizable style. His graffiti roots have evolved into a blend of abstract shapes and forms which can be found on walls, canvas and a multitude of other surfaces.
Passionately searching for the perfect form, he continues to make illusions by playing with lines, directions and color shades. Harmonizing graffiti, graphic design and abstract art, with his shape-shifting pieces of art seen all over the world. (Stockholm, Berlin, Helsinki, Paris, London, Bristol, Antwerp, Brussels, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, New York, Denver, Miami….)

My work is based on the dynamics between me and the specific site. As a result I present the viewer an alternative experience of the environment, which has been optically manipulated by form, colors and perspectives.
I believe that Street art can provide a positive impact to a social fabric and transform communities.
After a study of natures Fibonacci series, Mr.June discovered a shape that stands for the complexity in one simple form.
The hexagon, a polygon with six edges and six vertices is one of the most dominant geometric configurations in the microscopic realm of both organic and inorganic chemistry.
Mr.June prefers not to sketch for a mural. He always responds to the wall and the surroundings in order to create a unique cohesion with the environment, the painting and the” viewer “.
This gives him  creative freedom to ultimately enjoy the process.
In the nineties mr.June had already completed a lot of commission work and in the last 7 years he has travelled all over the world to make large scaled murals.

Mr.June street artist from Netherlands
Mr.June – photo by Documentary Girl

Where are you originally from?
From Sittard which is in the south of the Netherlands

Where was your first mural? Is it still available to see today?
That was in 1984..a small pink and black piece on a school wall in Sittard…long gone..

When/Why did you start putting your art onto walls?
As a kid me and my friends where b-boys..after seeing an illegal copy of the movie beet street and breaking, she (Nash and i) where hooked on the fact that there was an element of hiphop we never saw or heard before …… graffiti.
We were both so into hiphop that this was an eyeopener for us and we have then drawn all our lives.

Do you paint with spray cans or do you use any other techniques or media?
For all my murals and graft i only use spray paint, for my canvas works i also use regular paint (acrylics)

Where do you get your inspiration ?
I think you get inspired every day. not so much out of other artists, but more things in life, elements in the street, music etc etc.

Which of your artworks are you most proud of (And where can we find them)?
I like my big murals..most of them are in Miami, New York and Denver …
But the one i like (because of the size and the experiment) is still in Helsinki (Vantaa) in Finland. But to be honest i always think that my best piece is still in the making.

Have you collaborated with other artists ? Do you have any artists you would like to collaborate with ?
yes and i love that. i like to collaborate with artists who have a completely different style, so we can challenge each other. Everyone with a good heart is welcome to do a collab.

Is there a dream place worldwide where you would like to create an artwork?
If it is a warm place with a beach nearby…i would paint everywhere,..haha

Do you have any exhibitions or upcoming art festivals?
Yes in may, the go gallery with some friends and at the end of November i have a solo show in Hausammann gallery in Miami.

Thank’s a lot . Would you like to add anything else for Streetart360 readers?
Just keep up the woodwork guys … peace.

Stay Tuned

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Mr.June Artworks


Mr.June in Milan
Mr.June in Milan
Mr.June New York
Mr.June New York
mrJune in Rotterdam Netherlands
Mr.June in Rotterdam Netherlands
Mr.June Little Havana, Miami
Mr.June Little Havana, Miami
Mr.June Mural
Mr.June Mural
Mr.June Wynwood
Mr.June Wynwood
Mr.June in Rotterdam
Mr.June in Rotterdam
Mr.June street art
Mr.June street art
Mr.June collab with Inkie in Wynwood
Mr.June collab with Inkie in Wynwood
Mr.June for The Bushwick Collective in Brooklyn NYC
Mr.June for The Bushwick Collective in Brooklyn NYC


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