Lebenson Gallery London – Opening 15th March 2018

The Lebenson Gallery is opening in London on Thursday 15 March 2018.

Presenting Doppeldenk, Pure Evil, Ben Eine and secret guest artists.
To include a print series, original artworks and neons, around the theme of “fun”.

BEN EINE is one of London’s most prolific and original street artists who focuses exclusively on the central element of all graffiti – the form of letters. EINE specialises in producing huge letters on shop fronts, his bright, colourful letters have transformed streets around the world in cities including LA, San Francisco, Paris, Dublin, Tokyo, Stockholm as well as his home city of London. EINE’s letters transgress the usual stylised image devised to depict form and emotion and through a combination of colour, placement and size they become abstract and unique works of art in their own right.
From single letters to complex and wry statements EINE has left his mark worldwide, his stunning words and letters can be found on shop front shutters and walls as well as in museums and galleries in a style EINE has made striking, effective and his own.
The famous German duo Leipzig ‘Doppeldenk’ offers us a universe naive and always cynical where the game of colors strikes as much as it integrates in a geometry contained and explosive at the same time.
Doppeldenk creates a radically post-pop-art aesthetic at the borders of mangaisation and the ‘8-bit’ culture of the 80s. The modernity of their formal aesthetics combines both primary flash colors taken in a minimal contructivist constraint. This formal identity desecrates as much as it aims at the themes addressed.
In fact, these iconic images borrowed from religion, politics, and pop culture all form portraits and scenes that go through Marcel Baer and Andreas Glauch’s criticism and humor. They manage to manipulate as much as skin these themes thanks to rigorous technology almost robotics. If they claim to be the descendants of George Orwell and his famous novel “1984” from which they get their name, Doppeldenk is indeed a duo of the current art scene.
You will also be able to find the work of Pure Evil, and his famous portraits of modern icons tinted with darkness.

Useful Informations:

The event will take place at 101 Studio, Thursday March 15th, from 6pm to 10pm.
101 Studio is located 47 Lambs Conduit street Holborn London WC1N 3NG.
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