Interview with Millo. Famous Italian street artist

Interview with Millo – Street art in Italy

Is there a story behind Millo ?
Millo comes from Camillo my second name, and the name of my grandfather.
I was born in Mesagne, a little town quite far away from the big cities in the southern part of Italy.
There I spent the afternoons of my childhood at my aunt’s, watching the same movie often 4 times a week and the rest of the time drawing.
I’ve always drawn, since I can remember, it was my passion and also my escape, definitely something that has always made me feel happy. I moved when I was 18 to attend the architecture university in another city, but even if I’m an architect the only way to live happily for me was to dedicate myself to art.

Where was your first mural? Is it still available to see today?
In Mesagne, near my house, I was very young so it’s a long time ago and now it’s no longer visible.

Millo - St Petersburg wall
Millo – St Petersburg wall

When/Why did you start putting your art onto walls?
More then a decade ago, I gradually moved from canvases to walls and from that moment I’ve never stopped doing murals.

Do you paint with spray cans or do you use any other techniques or media?
I create my walls with exterior paint and brushes, hand free with usually the help of a crane.

Where do you get your inspiration ?
The life around me or around the people I know, all influence me, though they are not the only source.
Sometimes it is what I see on the newspapers, sometimes it’s what I hear from the window inspires me, even if I don’t know at first that they will be part of my work.
I could say in fact that everyday life is a big source of inspiration for me !

Millo - Safi wall
Millo – Safi wall

Which of your artworks are you most proud of (And where can we find them)?
It’s very difficult for me to choose one, because each one is a part of me. For sure one of the most important projects in my career was the one I created in Turin, “habitat“ was the title, the idea behind the project was to renovate an entire area of the city which resulted in me winning an international competition connected to this and then painted murals in 13 huge walls in the city.

Have you collaborated with other artists ? Do you have any artists you would like to collaborate with ?
I’ve collaborated very recently with Benjamin Murphy a very talented uk artist, and with Hunto an amazing Italian street artist.
I would love to collaborate in the future with someone who plays in a different field, like a film maker or 3d mapping artist.. something that could generate innovation.

Is there a dream place worldwide where you would like to create an artwork?
I would love to paint in Brazil.

Do you have any exhibitions or upcoming art festivals?
I’m going to paint two murals in Italy for two street art festivals, then I’ll go to Sweden, Budapest and Bratislava…My work season has just started!


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Millo - Vilnius
Millo – Vilnius
Millo - Sound of you
Millo – Sound of you
Millo - Luzhi wall
Millo – Luzhi wall
Millo - Paphos Wall
Millo – Paphos Wall
Millo - Santiago Wall
Millo – Santiago Wall
Millo - Jyvaskyla wall
Millo – Jyvaskyla wall
Millo - Kremenchuck wall
Millo – Kremenchuck wall
Millo - Pescara wall
Millo – Pescara wall
Millo - Shanghai wall
Millo – Shanghai wall
Millo - Twist of fate
Millo – Twist of fate




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