Louis Masai interview

Louis Masai interview “Art for Wildlife”


Hi Louis, It’s a great pleasure to meet you. What is it like to be a street artist in London ? Are there particular areas/venues to meet up and share your passion with others ?
I can tell you how it is from my perspective but its different for everyone…everyday i spend painting, i would say that its about 50/50 in the studio and painting murals. last year i only painted one mural in the uk let alone in london the rest were all international works…i like it like that, as traveling is very close to my heart. I’m an artist because i could only be that now, i don’t keep track of time or days of the week, I’m often suprised its a sunday again. london as a city is cool, but I’m finding I’m nearing a change soon, i find its over populated and pretty grimy, guess its the same as every city though right? as for meeting up with other artists, I’m a bit of a hermit, untill I’m working a wall outside, and since most of my time in london is spent in the studio, i don’t do too much hanging out…. i actually don’t really know where other artist link up these days…

Your Dad appears to be a huge influence on inspiring you to become an artist, are there any other significant influences of inspiration for you ? i.e. people or places ?
For me nature is the biggest influence

Louis Masai painting live
Louis Masai

Was there a moment in the early years of painting that you stepped back and thought yes! this is my path? What was the mural/artwork ?
Not really, i left cornwall to live in london and on that move i decided i was going to be professional in my arts, I’m still waiting till i create something that makes me feel I’m ready to step back…having said that I’m always evaluating what i create and do.

Do you have a personal favourite mural/artwork which has significant meaning to you ?
No, i don’t think in that way, everything is a learning experience and i believe I’m only as good as the last thing i created, i don’t do favourites…

“Striving to create human reference, through your paintings of animals” Was this a gradual realisation of how you could bring awareness to others to make this connection or a single moment of epiphany ?
It’s organic each painting stears me in the direction of the next painting, i know that if i am to reach the peoples attention then i have to find ways to include them with the painting, human reference allows for that to happen.

Louis Masai
Louis Masai

Your passion towards highlighting the need to preserve endangered species is evident throughout your work. Do you have a particular message here you’d like to share with readers now ?
Just to think about what you’re doing, and why you’re doing it…think about the direct impact your actions have on another being and note that humans are a part of the biodiversity and that means when a species disappears or suffers we also do, sometimes its not apparent until its too late…the ocean is a good example of that…

In which cities can streetart360 readers find your artwork ?
london, Bristol, New York, Detroit, Reno, Sacramento, L.A, Atlanta, New Orleans, Miami, Nashville, Austin, Capecod, Utah, Paris, Switzerland, Berlin, Shanghai, Jamaica,…

Do you have other artists you collaborate with or would like to in the future ?
Sometimes i collab, but only if it feels right…

Being an artist with a message, I’d imagine your mind may be constantly active towards ideas for your work. Do you have other passions/hobbies to distract from this ?
Ha, no…my life is my art and the art is my life….

Do you have any upcoming projects or events to share with Streetart360 readers ?
I’m curating a solo show in London in may of this year, it will be at crypt gallery under the St Pancras chapel in Euston….join my mailing list and i’ll keep you all updated with how and when it happens…

Thanks a lot Louis. See you soon in Scotland 🙂 


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Photo Gallery:

Louis Masai - Austin - Frogs
Louis Masai – Austin
Louis Masai "big eyed reef shark" - Los Angeles - USA
Louis Masai “big eyed reef shark” – Los Angeles – USA
Louis Masai - "cougar" - Los Angeles - USA
Louis Masai – “cougar” – Los Angeles – USA
Louis Masai - "Fin Back Whale" - Los Angeles - USA
Louis Masai – “Fin Back Whale” – Los Angeles – USA
Louis Masai in Phoenix
Louis Masai in Phoenix
Louis Masai
Louis Masai
Louis Masai - "Blue Fin Tuna"
Louis Masai – “Blue Fin Tuna”
Louis Masai - "Blue Whale"
Louis Masai – “Blue Whale” – photo by Ian Cox
Louis Masai - "bumble bee"
Louis Masai – “bumble bee”
Louis Masai - "Coral Biodiversity"
Louis Masai – “Coral Biodiversity”
Louis Masai - Paris
Louis Masai – Paris
Louis Masai - "Hammerhead Sharks"
Louis Masai – “Hammerhead Sharks”
Louis Masai in Venice L.A
Louis Masai in Venice L.A
Louis Masai in Wynwood
Louis Masai in Wynwood
Louis Masai in Crans Montana
Louis Masai in Crans Montana
Louis Masai - "Tapir" - Yasuni National Park - Ecuador
Louis Masai – “Tapir” – Yasuni National Park – Ecuador
Louis Masai - "Spix Maccaw"
Louis Masai – “Spix Maccaw”
Louis Masai - "Orange Roughy"
Louis Masai – “Orange Roughy”
Louis Masai- "Pufferfish"
Louis Masai- “Pufferfish”
Louis Masai
Louis Masai



Louis Masai
Louis Masai
Louis Masai
Louis Masai

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