Antwerp Street Art Guide and Map

Antwerp street art  guide and interactive map.


With its numerous museums, art galleries and artistic spaces, Antwerp attracts artists from around the world and has become one of the most important European cities for street art and graffiti. Definitely a must see on your shortlist if you love urban art.

Districts you must visit to discover Street Art in Antwerp


There are a lot of districts to visit, each with major artworks worth seeing. Here’s a list of my favorite street art hotspots in Antwerp.

Berchem (street art district). The ‘Zomerfabriek’ is an area where the ‘Meeting of Styles, Belgium’ takes place every summer. An event where more than 50 artists meet over the course of a weekend to work and party together. 2018’s meeting will take place from the 11th to 12th of August.

Deurne (Kronenburg quarter). One of the poorer quarters near the ‘Sportpaleis’ (Antwerp’s biggest concert arena). This area has some of the most interesting artworks by both local and international artists.

Merksem. This is the quarter where Street Art Antwerp organised it’s first streetart festival with artists from all over the world. The streetart festival will be happening once again in 2018 with an exciting international line-up.

Park Spoor Noord. This area is near the BMX park and skatebowl. You will find a legal wall next to an area containing murals from several big names such as Nychos, Pixel Pancho, MadC and Belin. This former railway station was reformed several years ago. It is now a park, where children can play while you enjoy a drink in Bar Noord.

Meatpack. This old warehouse has been developed into a creative hub, and is due to open soon. It connects the Samberstraat with Tweenetenstraat. This is the area in which you will find T.A.G.S., the Antwerp Graffiti & Street art museum. It’s free, and within walking distance of Park Spoor Noord. However, it’s only open at weekends.

Edegem. A city next to Antwerp and the hometown of Smok. Here you can find the ‘Summerbar Kaffe Allee’ a bar housed in a fort from the second world war, which has recently been pimped by 40 artists.

graffiti art in Antwerp , street art anvers
graffiti art in Antwerp

Cool Original places to Shop, Eat and Drink in Antwerp


Artifex Street Art Gallery 
Located in the old city centre. Steve Locatelli’s cosy gallery houses some typical Locatelli skulls and is a good place to get competitively priced interesting street art books.

Located on the corner of the former graffitistreet ‘kopstraatje’. This is a hip spot where you can enjoy delicious burgers as well as healthier alternatives. Cafe Couture nearby offers 50 blends of whole leaf teas put together by former basketball player Pieter Loridon.

Fish and Chips urban store 
This flagship store used to be in the ‘Kammenstraat’ on the corner of ‘het Kopstraatje’ but was moved earlier this year. Artists can buy Montana cans here and sometimes leave their mark. See Fish and chips Instagram 

A bagel bar near the theatre where you can relax with a nice coffee and a delicious bagel. This place is packed on Sundays. Locals call it the ‘vogeltjesmarkt’.

Tartoer Coffee Bar
This is a great coffee bar with a vintage Vespa look who’s sweets are amazing. The best bit is you can rent a Vespa to go on their Streetart tour route. (powered by Street Art Antwerp)

Local comedian Kamal Kharmach has opened a donut shop near the Artifex gallery. You’ll find a variety of weird and wonderful flavours such as cola and mojito donuts.

This is one of Antwerp’s finest specialty coffee bars, here you can find various specialty coffees and check out Anmar Mirsa’s artwork on the walls.

Butcher’s coffee 
In this former butcher’s shop you’ll find the dynamic duo Dave and Paolo. They’ve travelled the world in search of the perfect coffee. Everything is about achieving the pure coffee experience, each coffee has it’s own ritual and aims to meet perfection.

Glow’s policy is to give visitors a warm welcome with a delicious coffee and a tasty lunch. Their homemade ice tea’s come highly recommended.

When exploring Merksem you should definitely grab a coffee at Zulma where the owner insists on making every coffee perfectly. He also offers wonderful pastrami sandwiches not to mention delicious chocolate cake.

steve locatelli art gallery in antwerp
Steve Locatelli art gallery in Antwerp

Street Art and Graffiti Guided Tours:


Street Art Antwerp offers guided tours throughout the year. Book your place online for walking tours of art districts within the city. Bike riding tours are also available.
Check the Facebook page StreetArt Antwerp or website StreetArt Antwerp

If you want to discover Antwerp on your own, download the free StreetArtCities app and select Antwerp.

Antwerp street art guided tours
Street art guided tours in Antwerp

Antwerp Street Art and Graffiti interactive map:



Upcoming events:


April -May 2018: Baroque Murals: local Aerosolking Rise One invites 3 international artists to paint 4 big walls in the city centre during the Baroque year. Astro (FR), Smugone (AUS) and El Mac (USA) are invited.

June: “mArk some again” the streetart festival comes back for it’s second edition.

29-30 june: PillaAr 12: the bridge pillars under the highway A12 in Wilrijk will be painted again. About 50 pillars will be painted and they’re still looking for artists. Send a mail at

10-12 August: Meeting of Styles, the international graffiti event comes back again at the “zomerfabriek”

14 september: Tizarte 3d streetart festival; This festival returns for a second time at ‘het Eilandje” as part of a bigger Part of Antwerp festival.

Useful Information about Antwerp:


Visit Antwerp:  Welcome to Antwerp. These are the must-sees during your visit.

Visit Flanders:  Come visit Flanders – Belgium. Discover Antwerp, Bruges, Brussels and Ghent, and our famous chocolate, beer, Flanders Fields and rich cycling history.

Antwerp pubic transports: Another way of getting around the city is on the trams and buses

Bike rental: Antwerp by Bike 

Antwerp Airport: Departures of the day from Antwerp International Airport, map of destinations, parking, guide, timetables, companies, formalities, services …

Antwerp street art hotspot in Europe
Antwerp street art hotspot in Europe

Antwerp Street Art and Graffiti Photo Gallery:


street art in antwerp , artwork by wild drawing
WD artwork in Antwerp
Chemis mural in Antwerp
Chemis mural in Antwerp
Chemis street art mural in Antwerp
Chemis in Antwerp
Super A street art mural in Antwerp Belgium flanders
Super A mural in Antwerp
NILS & Joachim street artist collaborate in Antwerp
NILS & Joachim collaborate in Antwerp
Charlotte de Cock in Antwerp
Charlotte de Cock in Antwerp
Djoels in Antwerp
Djoels in Antwerp
street art mural in Antwerp, oeuvre e street art a anvers en belgique
street art mural in Antwerp
Antwerp street art and graffiti mural
Antwerp street art scene
Urban art in Antwerp belgium
Urban art in Antwerp
urban art scene in belgium Antwerp
Street Art in Antwerp
graffiti a anvers
Graffiti art in Antwerp
Antwerp graffiti mural, graffiti a anvers en belgique
Antwerp graffiti mural
Graffiti Art Antwerp
Graffiti Art Antwerp
street art and graffiti in Antwerp
street art and graffiti in Antwerp
urban art, street art and graffiti in antwerp belgium flanders
Urban Art in Antwerp
Antwerp street art hotspot in europe
Antwerp street art hotspot in europe


Special Thanks to Tim and Visit Antwerp team, who guided me around the city

Photos by Laurent Jacquet StreetArt360 and Tim Marschang StreetArtCities 

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